Sunday, 26 July 2015

Arthurwears at bedtime - bundler and sleeping bag

baby bundler sleepbag
Marks and Spencer cotton bundler
Grobag sleeping bag

Trying to find the perfect bedtime outfit has been trial and error! We think we have the perfect combination here - a cotton bundler underneath a sleeping bag.
This combination allows wriggly babies who don't like to be too restricted to have the freedom of their feet and legs to allow babies to move around whilst still keeping warm. The cotton bundler has an elasticated bottom to keep it snug under the feet and both the bundler and the grobag allow for an easy nappy change without too much disturbance!
In warmer weather we either just remove the sleeping bag and  keep the bundle on or put #Arthurwears to sleep in a vest under his sleeping bag. 
Bedtime in hot countries requires a sleeveless low tog sleeping bag to keep baby cool by wicking away moisture from the skin.

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