Wednesday, 6 June 2018

A poem for a new baby

A newborn poem for a new baby

A poem for a new baby

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A poem for a new baby

All those weeks waiting, just hoping to see
Your flickering heartbeat, that whoosh like the sea
And in that small, tiny moment, heart thumping we knew
Where once it was just us, soon there would be you

Our happy secret was strong, you’d decided to stay
We felt grateful and lucky, we dared to share you that day

Feeling your flutters, your jabs and your kicks
We dreamt of your life and we fell in love quick
You were already ours before you were born,
Cherished and nurtured from dusk until dawn

We never took it for granted, we knew the path could be thorny
Emotions were high and seas could get stormy
The stakes may be high but there was one thing we knew
Everything was worth it, when the end game was you

Your journey to meet us, be it easy or hard
We will remember forever, we will cherish the scars
Because nothing compares to those feelings we felt,
When we first saw your face and it made our hearts melt

Now our anchors are cast
We won’t drift from the shore
This is all that We need, just this, nothing more
Because now that you’re here the real story begins
The next page, the next chapter
The dice rolls, the world spins

And the whirlwind of you only made our hearts grow
Life may now look different but there’s one thing we know:

When we think of the words at the start of this page
We were writing a play where the world was your stage
You can be who you want
You can love who you choose
Feel proud when you win, cry tears if you lose
The story continues, whatever you do
We all have our own and now this one’s for you.
You will always be ours, we will always be yours
You choose the next step now
Here’s the pen...

    Write some more. X

    Sarah x 

    Copyright Arthurwears - Please do not copy or reproduce content without permission.

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    1. Ah beautiful, it took me back to when my girls were baby and we were just starting our life together x

    2. Oh my goodness this is so beautiful!

    3. Love it - you penned it amazingly! Thanks for sharing it with us ❤️

    4. Oh this is a beautiful poem. One I think we can all resonate with!

    5. Oh I absolutely love the end of this poem - how beautiful and perfect :)

    6. So beautiful, truly the words of a devoted parent #KCACOLS

    7. What a lovely poem :) I'm 15 weeks pregnant so it definitely resonates xx

    8. This is so lovely, really beautiful. <3 #KCACOLS

    9. What a gorgeous poem! It perfectly expresses all those hopes and fears for a new baby. Thanks for linking again with #KCACOLS

    10. Oh this is so so beautiful <3 #KCACOLS

    11. What a lovely poem, right from the heart. #kcacols

    12. This is beautiful and the end in particular sums it all up perfectly - so much of the story is as yet unwritten and the joy of parenting is waiting to see what the next chapter holds. #KCACOLS


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