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Friday 2 September 2016

Buying Toddler Toys: Age, Ability or Interest?

Buying Toddler Toys: age, ability or interest.  The Wicked Uncle Challenge

Choosing toys for your little one (or someone else's little one!) can be a bit of a minefield sometimes. As a parent, you usually have a pretty good idea of the kind of things your child is interested in, but it isn't always easy to find something that is also suitable for their age - especially with regards to younger children and babies. If you are also interested in child development (like me!) and can't help but plan for your child's 'next steps' in learning - it can get even trickier...especially if some areas and stages of development are hit earlier than average in terms of age, but all of the 'toys' and activities you think could help build on their skills are marketed at children much older - usually for health and safety reasons.