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About me

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Hi, I'm Sarah - an Early Years Teacher and Mummy of Arthur born in Jan 2015 and Charlotte born in Aug 2017, with another on the way (June 2022) .  I first started blogging in 2015 when Arthur was a baby - he was the inspiration for my blog name (how did you guess?!) when my posts were really just for the benefit of my family who all live pretty far away, so that they could keep up to date with Arthur!

I used to run a class blog in my former school, as I took on the role of ICT Co-ordinator alongside Reception Class Teacher. I really missed blogging when I was on maternity leave, and having somewhere to share my activity ideas - many of which you can find over on my Learning Through Play page or over on my Facebook Page which includes a group for child development activities - and this is how Arthurwears came about!

I found the transition from being a full time Teacher (and a bit of a workaholic!) to a stay at home mum really hard and quite isolating at first. I LOVE spending time with my children, but a battle with PTSD after a traumatic birth with my first, and later, PND and Anxiety after the birth of my second meant that I really needed an 'outlet' and a space to share my experiences whilst also (hopefully) helping others. This remains the purpose of my blog, which is my outlet, creative space, sense of achievement and job/business all rolled into one. I now also have a separate online shop - ChildLedPlay.co.uk - where I sell loose parts and playdough play tray sets.

A bit about me before the blog:

I completed a Law degree at Sheffield Uni before starting my working life as a Professional Headhunter, based in West Yorkshire.  I moved to London (temporarily) when the recession hit, which is where I first gained experience of working with children, prior to putting the first steps on the path to my dream career of becoming an EYFS Teacher. I embarked on my Teacher Training, specialising in Early Years within a Primary School in West Yorkshire.

These days you can find me writing about the highs and lows of parenthood, sharing our experiences of issues such as pregnancy, feeding, sleep deprivation ( I still haven't had a full night sleep since Arthur was born!) - plus celebrating all of the amazing things that being a new mum has to offer too.

Arthur and I - 2015
 I love to share information on health and beauty products that work for me as a mum with very little spare time and I am incredibly passionate about Early Years and play based learning - so expect a fair few posts on activity ideas for babies, toddlers and children!

I love to try new products and write reviews, and to be creative with sponsored posts, so please get in touch if you think we could work well together. More info is available on my 'work with me' page.

You can find out some of the less traditional facts about me in my post 10 things you don't know about me, and also a little more about why I didn't return to teaching after the birth of my first child.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more.

Sarah x


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How can you support my blog?

If you have enjoyed reading my blog and would like to support me further, any of the following would be hugely appreciated: