Monday, 31 August 2015

Provoke imaginative play - fairy garden

fairy garden role play

All of the fairy clothes and tools above were made using art and craft resources from the home.

Felt for the dress and shoes, tights for the tights, matchsticks for the tools (with false eyelashes for the broom and a piece of foiled plastic from old packaging - all painted with pink glitter nail varnish).

Toadstool seats were a mini salt and pepper shaker painted with nail varnish. 

Stimulate your child's imagination by leaving these outside or placing a magical fairy door in their room! 

To stimulate their writing, why not leave 'fairy pencils' (glue a mini bell onto the end of a pencil) so that the fairy is able to 'hear them write'. Leave little notes from the fairy so that your child/children are able to reply.

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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Arthurwears visits Friends of Ham, Ilkley

Friends Of Ham Ilkley
Friends Of Ham IlkleyFriends Of Ham Ilkley

Last week, Arthur (plus Mummy and Daddy!) visited the new Friends Of Ham Bar and Charcuterie in Ilkley - based in the old Ilkley Gazette offices. 

Normally I like to give a new establishment a few weeks to settle in before giving it a try, but we were tempted over by a lovely young man insisting that we try a sample of "cheese with serious notes of caramel" (it really was like a mouthful of mini cheesecake) and after that we were so close to the entrance, we couldn't help but give the place a try!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fine motor activities for toddlers

fine motor activities

Although Arthur is still too young for these activities (he is busy working on those gross motor skills and large muscles needed before he can master the fine motor skills) it is worth thinking ahead to the next steps - or for activities you can do with an older sibling to keep them busy!

Arthurwears sensory play activity - rainbow spaghetti

rainbow spaghetti

Rainbow spaghetti - great for little hands to explore and safe to eat!!

Simply choose your food colouring and add a generous amount to the water in your saucepan (a separate pan for each colour!), add the spaghetti once the water is boiling and leave to cook. Once ready, drain and mix together in a bowl! Here is Arthur is enjoying some ninja turtle green spaghetti: 

rainbow spaghetti

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Arthurwears #Daddywears...Revive bath / shower oil Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates Revive oil

Okay, so all Mummies and Daddies know that little guys and girls can mean little sleep - Arthur is no exception!

Arthurwears baby blue shoes

baby blue shoes
Baypod baby shoes

We bought these shoes for a christening and they come in lots of different colours and styles. The shoe material is soft and malleable - great for little feet, with breathable puncture marks across the top. The button is easy to fasten and undo and they looked lovely on Arthur's feet....although he did kick them off rather too quickly for my liking! Babies eh?!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Arthurwears shoes - baby brogues...

baby shoes brogues
Brogues - Moshi Babies

We love a brogue shoe here in the Arthurwears household, and so these were a must have! The material is so soft and malleable it is perfect for tiny toes and feet with a bit of grip on the sole. These look great with shorts or trousers  - the only thing I would change are the laces: they are quite long for baby shoes and the thickness takes away from the shoe detail. A thinner, more delicate lace would look better ... Which is fine with us- we were planning on trying different colours depending on the outfit!