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Thursday 20 August 2015

Arthurwears #Daddywears...Revive bath / shower oil Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Associates Revive oil

Okay, so all Mummies and Daddies know that little guys and girls can mean little sleep - Arthur is no exception!

Aromatherapy Associates produce a range of bath and shower oils aimed at different life events and different times of the day, for example, if you have just woken up and need help feeling refreshed, or if you are just about to go out in the evening and need a little pick me up. They also produce relaxing and de-stress oils for bedtime (which I am sure both #mummywears and #daddywears will be trying out soon!) 

The oils can be poured directly into the bath, or massaged into the skin directly before showering. #Daddywears likes to shower in the morning and so the revive morning oil was the perfect choice for him!

This particular oil has such an amazing smell I wish it could be turned into a perfume! Containing grapefruit, Rosemary and Juniper it really does work wonders and waking you up in the morning! 

The oils in this skincare range are potent and particularly strong for maximum effect - they are not suitable for pregnant women or those with medical conditions. It is also not advisable to mix a reviving oil with a relaxing oil.

The company source only the highest quality, organic ingredients for their products and really are a treat for anyone who chooses to use organic and natural beauty and skincare products which really do deliver.

Aromatherapy Associates also have a dedicated men's range of products called the Refinery - #Daddywears will be trying out their eye cream and shave balm very soon!

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