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Friday 15 February 2019

Products for Men that Women Swear by...

Disclosure: This post includes some gifted items (marked with *) including those sent for the giveaway. 

Clearly, it’s no surprise to most of us that women can and should be able to use products which are aimed specifically towards men. There aren’t many things in the world that aren’t truly unisex when it comes down to the bare bones of it...unless, of course, you are talking about something like - I don’t know - the male condom....although studies have shown that more women actually buy them compared to men.

  products for men that women swear by flat lay with mens products in view

We try to avoid gender stereotypes as much as possible in our household, so it will come as no surprise to you that there are a few products I now buy and use for myself which were originally for my husband. I also asked some of my fellow bloggers if there are any male marketed products which they swear by (and vice versa in some cases) .... Plus, I have a nice little giveaway for you which you can enter at the end of this post...

Products for Men that Women Swear by...

Neal's Yard Men's Purifying Face Wash:

I have tried lots of different face washes in my time, but at the moment nothing really tops this Neal's Yard purifying face wash for men which is available from Amazon here (affiliate link)  for cleansing my skin and removing my makeup whilst in the shower.

I have struggled with breakouts and oily, congested skin for as long as I can remember and this is gentle but effective and doesn't leave any tightness afterwards either. It was originally bought for my husband, but now I buy it for myself....and I do love their blue bottles!

Neal's Yard men's purifying face wash

VANACCI Men's Perfume Pendant* and Bracelet*:

I was gifted this VANACCI bracelet and stainless steel VANACCI Trinity pendant  - The pendant is part of the giveaway, it is brand new and unused and comes with 2 extra scent absorbing stones to attach to the pendant should you wish to swap your fragrances. 

The Locktone scent absorbing stones are there for you to add your chosen fragrance to (not included) which slowly diffuses throughout the day, lasting approximately 7 times longer than wearing the fragrance without it.

Cool and crisp with a bit of an edge, its easy to see how this perfume jewellery line has become a hit with both men and women. Brilliant if your perfume or aftershave wears off quickly, or if you like to change your scent easily throughout the day.

Both the Trinity pendant  and the Bracelet are available from Amazon here. (Affiliate link)

Vanacci trinity pendant and bracelet with perfume bottle in shot

MR Jamie Stevens anti hair-loss products*:

I was gifted these Jamie Stevens anti hair loss products, with the salt spray being included in the giveaway at the bottom of this blog post. 

Many people mistakenly believe hair loss to be a man's affliction - but let me tell you, this isn't true...especially if you have had a baby in the last few months....prepare to lose!!

Post-partum hair loss can be a tough old thing to go through, you're up all night with a baby, barely time to fix a decent meal for yourself and suddenly you have big glaring bald patches to deal with too! 

Now the MR Jamie Stevens range does include disguise spray and hair fibres if you are really struggling to cover up the noticeable bald patches - but for those of you looking for something to help your current hair to look and feel thicker and also reduce the rate at which you lose it then these products promise to deliver. With a fresh, clean scent, the shampoo and conditioner moisturises the scalp and helps to strengthen weak roots.

The Salt Spray  for thicker, fuller hair provides a matte finish and adds body and thickness to the hair without making it stiff. There are lots of hints and tips available online with their grooming room how to videos and you can get your hands on a bottle of this by entering the competition below.

The MR Jamie Stevens Shampoo, Conditioner and Salt spray is available on Amazon here. (Affiliate link)

MR Jamie Stevens anti hair loss shampoo conditioner and salt spray


This is an image of my husband's actual Dove men care deodorant, used often by me - despite the fact I promised a long time ago to switch to a 'natural deodorant' because, quite simply, it works!

I'm not the only one who chooses to use her husband's deodorant either -  Blogger Emma-Louise  says it works so much better than her own!

Dove Men Care deodorant

On the flip side, Kate from Counting to Ten Blog says her partner actually uses women’s deodorant because it’s unscented and it’s really hard (or at least used to be) to get unscented deodorant for men...


Yorkshire Mummy Michaela, Jaymee  from The Mum Diaries, Erica The Incidental Parent  and also Rachael from Lukeosaurus and me  All choose to use men’s razors! 

Not only because they feel they are so much better than the female version - delivering a better shave, but most notably, they are cheaper. Ridiculous but true.

Jumpers and Hoodies:

Jaymee and Kate also choose to wear Men's jumpers and hoodies. Jaymee feels that men's hoodies are less fitted and much comfier, plus they seem longer too - which is so much better if you are a bigger size.

 Kate made the point that Men's jumpers have better necklines as they don't show tops underneath, and she prefers the length and the shape compared to women's alternatives.

Shave balm and Shave oil:

Amy from Everything Mummy let me in on the little secret that men’s after shave balm works wonders as a primer (who knew??) and Sarah from Whimsical Mumblings  backed this up, saying that she uses the Nivea for men post shave balm as a primer!

Emma from Bubba blue and me  Uses men's King of Shaves oil for legs and underarms because it "lasts forever and is so much smoother to shave than girlie foam". 


There are a few Tom Ford perfumes which my husband owns that are pretty much unisex, (and I sometimes 'borrow')- such as the Neroli Portofino  and the Mandarino Di Amalfi

Sophie who blogs over at Life as Mrs D  says that she w
ears Eau d'issey pour homme by issey miyaki as she much prefers the smell of it to the women's one, and it doesn't smell too masculine... We also have both of these at home and I agree they are interchangeable! 


That age - old gift idea for men....and who hasn't worn a pair of their Dad's/ brother's/ boyfriend's/ husband's socks on a cold night?!?

Isabella from Fijian in the UK  says that she wears her husband’s socks for running as they’re a lot thicker, and also stay up  and protect her feet so much better than the flimsy women’s, she I doesn't  get blisters when she uses them for the long runs for her marathon training! 


So...would you like to win a brand new VANACCI Trinity perfume pendant with 2 refill stones AND a bottle of the MR Jamie Stevens Salt Spray??

All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter link below - there re lots of different ways to enter and you can choose as many or as few as you like, but please be aware - I do check entries when choosing a winner!

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Enter Giveaway to win VANACCI Perfume pendant and MR Style salt spray worth over £50

VANACCI pendant and MR Jamie Stevens salt spray giveaway competition image

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