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Thursday 9 January 2020

Ikea Flisat Table | Skadis Pegboard | Desk Hack

Are you looking for some inspiration for the Ikea Flisat desk? Perhaps you would like to use this for smaller Tuff Tray activities, or maybe, you would like to combine the table with the Ikea Skadis pegboard, but are unsure of how to do this and which resources you need?
This post will tell you everything you need to know about the Ikea Flisat table / Skadis Pegboard desk hack...

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk hack

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We have this IKEA Flisat table and Skadis pegboard in our Child-Led playroom at home, set up specifically for independent learning through play. This hack does not involve fastening the table to the wall and so this can be moved around the room easily...

Ikea Flisat table | Skadis pegboard | Hack

Which products do you need for this Ikea flisat skadis desk hack?:

( USA list below, scroll further down for UK buyers)

Ikea flisat table -

IKEA Flisat stool -

Sellotape and paper holder -

Pegboard hooks -

Pegboard cup -

Skadis letter and paper holder -

Skadis desk connectors -

Elastic chord -

Skadis hooks -

Skadis container -

Skadis shelf -

IKEA pegboard -

IKEA trofast tray -

IKEA Flisat table product list for UK buyers:

Start with the Flisat desk...

The Ikea Flisat desk comes in a pine and white colour. The white lids are removeable, making way for storage boxes underneath. You will need to order the Ikea Trofast boxes to go alongside the Ikea Flisat table. The Trofast boxes come in a range of colours (we chose white) and three sizes: large, medium and small

The medium boxes leave enough room underneath the table for stools to be stored and for little legs to sit comfortably. You could go with the deeper boxes if you wanted to use the table for standing, such as a Lego table. The smaller trofast boxes can fit in lengthways, one above the other, on one side, to give two compartments rather than one. We almost chose this option, but decided that a medium tray each side would work best so that each of my children could use a side at the same time if needed!

The Ikea Flisat is wipeable, and so marks and pen can be removed easily - but it isn't stain proof. As is usual with little ones, my children have penned, pencilled and stamped all over this - some came of easily, some remained. 

The table is really easy to fit together following the instructions, and as with the Flisat Stools, the legs just screw on easily.

Your table will now be ready to use for lots of mark making and tuff tray activities, (or some smaller scale tuff tray activities here )but if you'd like to add some additional storage and resource options, read on....

NB: Are you looking for the exact wooden name and alphabet tracing boards seen here?

Here is a link to buy:

 Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with wooden letter tracing board

Adding the Skadis pegboard to the Flisat table...

When you order the pegboard (76cm width to fit with the Flisat desk), it will come with a long metal wall mount which you can see across the top of our board (below). If you wish for your board to be attached to the wall, with the table pushed up against it then this is what you will use. I didn't want the board attaching to our newly built playroom wall, and so I used these connectors   to attach the board to the desk. It wasn't obvious from the ikea website information whether these would actually work, but I took a gamble and thankfully it paid off! This means that the desk, with the board, can be moved around or taken off as needed. 

The wall mount proved really useful as an extra hanging tool along the top of the pegboard. It is magnetic, and a few mini bulldog clips work well as scissor hangers!

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with no resources

As far as we can tell at the moment, Charlotte is left handed whilst Arthur is right handed, so we have scissors for both, plus some zigzag cutters and some plastic safety scissors (which are great for playdough activities!)

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with closed lids

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with hanging scissors

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with rainbow glitter washi tapes

Other resources we have added to the flisat skadis desk...

Click on the images for more info, pricing, or to buy...

As you can see, the Crayola pens mentioned above are the perfect size to fit in the Flisat pots, and the name labels and washi tapes enable children to access the resources themselves by having the hanger set low down. Washi tapes are also much easier for children to tear or snip - enabling them to be successful without adult intervention..

If you are shopping at Paperchase, you can buy the coloured paper here:

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with one side open and pasta in the trofast tray

The foam stickers are perfect for little fingers to work on their fine motor skills without being TOO tricky, and the larger size means that they are much easier to hold whilst attempting to peel and stick.

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with wooden alphabet board

The A5 coloured paper, card and foam allows for a range of craft activities, all available for the children to access independently, without being too big that it makes cutting activities more difficult. 

Having the free flisat clips available means that children are able to hang up and display their own work when finished. Similarly with the Flisat elastics, papers and labels can easily be tucked underneath out of the way.

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with wooden name board

I absolutely love the letter tracing boards and name boards that the children received for xmas - not only do they help to aid name and letter recognition, the extra sensory element allows children to feel and trace the letters, aiding formation for early writing skills. They are also great for fins motor skills, adding in small beads, pompoms or pasta into the name grooves...

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with pasta in tray

A previous version of the Flisat Skadis desk before supplies were replenished!

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk in playroom

If you are interested in seeing more of our playroom, have a look at my post ' a child led playroom' here, or pop over to my instagram highlights to see all of our past 'play shelves' here.

Ikea flisat table skadis pegboard desk with kallax playshelves in playroom

I'd love to see your own Flisat set ups - why not join my Facebook group and share your photos?

Want some more ideas of how we have used this desk? pop over to my instagram page to see:

powder paint in salt shaker pots ikea flisat desk

powder paint in salt shaker pots ikea flisat desk

powder paint in salt shaker pots ikea flisat deskpowder paint in salt shaker pots ikea flisat desk

Child-led painting: Want to know how to make your painting area more independent for children, cut down on wastage, minimal mess and hardly any setting up time whilst still allowing for colour mixing and creativity?? . Using powder paint in small salt shakers like this means that children are able to dispense of the paint themselves, in smaller quantities, mixing their own colours and noticing changes by adding water without needing to ask an adult for help. . I chose to use ice cube trays for mixing, because children love to fill a space (a bit like if you give me a big plate at an all you can eat buffet!) and they don’t actually need to use very much at all to paint successfully! Plus, it doesn’t take long for them to make a murky colour and request a clean palette so why not give them plenty of options? . Just add a pot of water and leave them to it 😊 . Powder paint available here: Salt pots available here: If you would like to read more about this desk and the resources, pop over to my blog post: How do you set up your painting ? . . . . . #playbasedlearning #learnthroughplay #learningthroughplay #montessoriathome #earlylearning #childlearning #montessorikids #playislearning #learningathome #tufftrayactivity #activityoftheday #childledplay #independentlearning #independentplay ##openendedplay #handsonlearning #toddleractivities #playmatters #tufftrayactivity #earlyyearsideas #eyfsideas #learningbydoing #playideas #toddlerinvestigations #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #tuffspotideas #tuffspotactivity #sensoryplayideas #importanceofplay

Love Sarah x 

PS: Thinking of a tuff tray? read my complete guide to tuff trays here. 


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