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Friday 30 April 2021

Not ready to give up the loungewear?

Not ready to give up the lounge-wear just yet? Me neither babes. I've practically eaten my way through lockdown, and a year later I have to tell you - I am here ALL day for the comfort. The softness. The elasticated EVERYTHING. I am not bodycon midi dress ready, and neither is the world just yet either. It used to be jeans and 'a nice top' for a G&T or a grey goose in the local loungebar there's no lounging in bars, just lounging in grey loungewear in the beer garden, hoping the clouds don't match your outfit and dump a million drops of rain on your (probably now grey) hair. Hope you brought a hoodie!

femme luxe co-ordinates loungewear
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Seriously though, working from home means being sofa ready for your tea breaks, and after-work drinks are probably in the same place! If you are lucky enough to pop out for an al fresco lunch, you want something that lets you put the washing on and then walk into town without anyone batting an eyelid. Dressed up loungewear and co ord sets are a THING right now, and I'm going to show you some of my new faves....

femme luxe co-ordinating loungewear

Femme Luxe - Sage cuffed joggers - Lizzie

These joggers are SO comfy. You can dress them up or down, so like here, I have paired them with a summer top, but you can always add in something like a milkmaid top to hit the high rise/cropped top trend. I chose these because on the website they looked pretty high rise, but I couldn't actually wear them as high as I wanted to because the distance between the crotch and the top edge wasn't quite long enough to protect my...modesty (Smaller bottoms/derrieres may not have this issue). They still look pretty nice sitting on the waist. The legs were wider than I imagined. These are a size 12 for comparison. 

femme luxe co-ordinating loungewear

Femme Luxe - Mauve hoodie and skinny joggers tracksuit set - Bellamy

I LOVE the colour of these. A few weeks earlier and I'd have had hair to match too! It has a really soft fleece on the inside and they are so comfy to wear. Again, these are a size 12. I was surprised at how much 'skinnier' these joggers were to the ones above, they are quite a 'close' fit at the top of the legs. I have paired the hoodie with a pair of jeans for the school run and I think it will get a lot of use because this colour goes with pretty much anything as it is very 'neutral'  - neither warm nor cool in tone. It's also a really flattering colour for lots of skintones too. The top was a perfect fit and so easy to throw on, but still look nice, 

femme luxe co-ordinating loungewear

Navy Loungewear Tracksuit set - Maria

This material is quite 'sheer' so although it looks like it could get quite hot, its actually quite good for layering during the day. Its super stretchy and a nice close, comfy fit so perfect for doing yoga (yes, that's my yoga pose in the middle - its been a while!). I probably wouldn't wear the bottoms outside of the house as they are slightly translucent on the rounder areas, but they are perfect for lounging around at home - especially in the current weather where it keeps going hot and cold! I have worn the top over a vest for my weekly gyrotonic class, as it keeps you warm without making you too hot and sweaty! Again, this is so soft and really comfy to wear. This is a size 12 and I still had quite a lot of room in the top. 

femme luxe co-ordinating loungewear

Pink Ribbed Belted Loungwear set - Asia

This is a really soft, pale pink and looks really pretty and floaty. It's fab for lounging around at home whilst also keeping you covered. The ribbed material isn't as soft as the items above but it is still nice and comfortable to wear. The trousers are quite see-through so it's probably a good job that the top covers the bikini area to be honest. I wouldn't wear the trousers outside of the house but i think you could easily pair this top with some skinny jeans or more opaque leggings and you'd have a decent outfit for casual meet ups or beer garden drinks. 
This is a size 12. I'm most likely to wear these in the evening whilst watching TV, reading or having a cuppa on the sofa. Big bonus: they match my pink and grey theme in my lounge/bedroom. 

Joggers are such an easy choice if (like me) you have a waist that goes in and a lower back that curves in too. I find it a nightmare to find trousers to fit without the 'gaping' at the back so all of the above are brilliant as they don't have this issue. I am a curvier at the top of my legs than the bottom so this can be an issue with finding items to balance me out properly. I can see me getting a lot of use out of the tops mentioned above. Trousers will depend on footwear...I have some nice white trainer/pumps on order which i reckon will fit nicely with most of these.

Sarah x