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Friday 1 April 2022

Why Poetry?

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Why poetry?

Why poetry? You may but ask

As you tire of another thankless task

The words they mingle in your mind

Grabbing any emotion they may find

And as your thoughts they wander on

You find despair has been and gone…

Taken from inside your head

To burn through paper notes instead

And when those words are shared around 

You find yourself on breaking ground 

For you were not alone in this 

Those thoughts that opened the abyss 

So many others felt the same

And now they let go of the shame

As they read the words you’ve written down 

You gave them air, now they won’t drown…

Drown with the weight of all they feel

You wrote it down and made it real

And they breathe a sigh of great relief 

Their burden halved: “it’s not just me”

The pain I feel … it’s not just me

The thoughts I steal…it’s not just me

The things I’ve seen …it’s not just me

The depths I’ve been … it’s not just me

Your words translate, “it’s not just me”

And this is why…poetry