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Sunday 12 March 2023

How to Look Like a Stylish Mum Even in Winter

Are you the type of person that tends to regard winter as the season for hibernation? Maybe it’s the season when you typically take a break from worrying about fashion and style as you figure it’s just not possible when you’re bundled up in multiple layers. The fact is that fashion has come a long way and, thanks to today’s trends, there are many ways you can look like a stylish mum even in the winter months. Here are some great tips you can use as inspiration in the final stretch of winter...

females wearing bright and contrasting colours of mustard and lavender

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Stop Reaching for Basic Black in Winter

If you were to ask people what the most common winter jacket color is, black would often appear near the top of the list. While there is nothing wrong with basic black, it’s not exactly the most exciting colour to choose. Instead, you can appear trendier by picking one of the season’s hot colours.

Trending for winter 2023 are colours such as hot pink, bright red, royal blue, vivid green and soft lavender. These colours just make a jacket feel more current and exciting, even if they are the same style as your basic black coat.

Add Stylish Accessories That Ooze Interest and Fashion

Rather than the same accessories you’ve been reaching for daily, why not invest in new stylish pieces? You can never have too many scarves and a winter scarf can be a great way to add color, texture and style. Choose a scarf that pops against your winter coat instead of something that blends in and disappears. It’s all about making a statement.

And it’s not just scarves that you can update; you can also find stylish gloves in beautiful fabrics and a hat to match your scarf. You’re creating a whole look here, which involves multiple accessories playing off each other.

Layers are Your Best Friend - Style and Comfort Wise

Here's a tip straight from the fashion experts: layers are your best friend. Layers add texture and interest to your outfit while giving you the extra warmth you crave. As a busy mum, it also gives you the option of removing and adding layers as needed. If you’re running around doing errands, working up a sweat, maybe you don’t need as many layers at that moment. Experts recommend you play around with different fabrics and prints for more variety and movement.
Footwear Needs to be Trendy and Have Decent Treads

Finally, we have footwear. Winter weather calls for good quality boots that will keep your feet warm and dry. And because you want to feel sure on your feet, even when running after the kids outdoors, you need something with decent tread. None of these must-haves should take away from the style aspect of your footwear, however. You’ll find designer boots that look beautiful and stylish yet still tick off the boxes where warmth and tread are concerned. Another tip is to make sure your boots work with your coat, both in terms of color and style.

With these tips, there’s no reason that busy mums can look ultra-fabulous while staying warm, dry and comfortable this winter - whether you're planning a get away to Val Thorens in France, or just negotiating the school run!

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