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Saturday 6 May 2023

Dinosaur Hunt Ideas

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt, we’re going to catch a big/tall/fierce/strong/scaly/baby one…do you have a Dino fan on your hands? If so, you are going to love this post all about different ideas for dinosaur play, Dino activities and how to set up and create your own dinosaur hunt! (Including a free printable!)
dinosaur hunt play ideas photos of children searching in the forest
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 But first, get those ideas flowing and the inspiration cogs turning by clicking this link here: Dinosaur toys and play items - you will need this info a little bit later on if you’d like to enter to win a very special dinosaur giveaway!

What do I need for a dinosaur hunt?

First things first, you’ll need the right clothes, equipment and certification to start a real dinosaur hunt! The head huntsman will benefit greatly from this dinosaur head torch, so that they can lead the group safely and check out any hidden or dark areas hands free… this Dino headtorch is from Wicked Uncle, and I have another one of these to give away to one lucky reader to start you off on your own Dino hunt.

Would you like to win a dinosaur headlamp from Wicked Uncle?

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Now, back to the list of things you might need for a dinosaur hunt:

dinosaur hunting licence

You Can download this dinosaur hunting licence here - just print it off at the size you require and away you go!  

poodunnit book and dinosaur head torch

This book is brilliant for learning all about different animal droppings and how to tell the difference before going off on your hunt! The Head torch can be used during your hunt if it gets dark, or to help you read your map!

Dinosaur hunt ideas tuff tray

This tuff tray activity includes everything you might need to get ready for a dinosaur hunt! Practice excavating dinosaur bones and fossils before you go, make your own dinoculars using toilet roll tubes, learn about animal droppings, and different types of dinosaurs using the flashcards.

Dinosaur hunt tuff tray ideas

Dinosaur dig excavation tray

Would you like to learn how to make this dinosaur dig tray yourself? My previous blog post all about setting up a dinosaur Island tray play, and making a dinosaur fossil dig tray here will sort you out! 

Resources to set up a Dino hunt:

If you're planning a realistic dino hunt outdoors, you'll want to get these resources ready and hidden before you set off!

  • Fossils - make your own fossils and imprints using clay or salt dough and bury these under the earth ready for your children to excavate!

  • Dino eggs - Have a look at our instagram post here on how we made our own dinosaur playdough eggs with dinos inside! 

  • Dinosaurs - Gather up all of your dino toys and hide them around ready for the children to find!

  • Footprints - You can make fossilised footprints using clay, and place these outside, or head out to a muddy area and make fresh prints for the children to find!

  • Poop - Kids love poop don't they? Make your hunt extra fun (and stinky if you wish!) by placing some poop and droppings around. This could simply be a mud mixture or you can make playdough poop instead...Why not add in some smelly spices to the mixture?

children on a dinosaur hunt

(Eagle eyes may have noticed that Charlotte was hunting for a unicorn dinosaur - you can find a link to her unicorn  headtorch here)

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