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Tuesday 5 September 2023

CARAT London Carissa necklace review

This Carissa necklace from CARAT London is a gold vermeil of 92.5% Sterling Silver with a layer of gold, 9 round stones to the front and additional decoration on the closure at the back.
CARAT London Carissa necklace review

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I have recently had my very long locks cut into a graduated bob, and so this graduated stone design which sits beautifully on the neck is the perfect finish to my current look. Read on for more detailed information on this piece, how best to wear it and measurement details…

The packaging:

CARAT London Carissa necklace review

The necklace arrived in a beautiful 16cm, white, square box with hinge opening and cushioned grey interior. The silver debossed CARAT logo can be seen on top and inside of the lid. The box was fastened with black ribbon featuring the CARAT logo.

CARAT London Carissa necklace review

The Carissa necklace:


CARAT London Carissa necklace review

What are the stones in the Carissa necklace by CARAT?

For this piece CARAT state that they use premium Cubic Zirconia Crystals which are meticulously hand and precision machine cut by highly trained stone cutters.

The stones are 9 to the front in total, in graduated sizes starting with the largest stone in the middle and the smallest stones at either end, following a shallow bow curve shape. This size graduation continues at the ends of the chain to the back of the piece.

CARAT London Carissa necklace review

The measurements of the Carissa necklace by CARAT:

The necklace is adjustable with a maximum chain length of 70cm, allowing for a collar or choker length necklace all the way through to an opera length necklace.

More details of the Carissa necklace:

Featuring a slider closure (also known as a bolo clasp) which also works as a counterbalance to balance to help balance the jewellery - showing functionality can also work as a decorative piece, with an aesthetic purpose. This also provides a beautiful focal point at the back of the piece, both at the point of closure and also in the graduated stones at the ends of the necklace.

CARAT London Carissa necklace review

The beauty of a bolo clasp necklace is that not only can you adjust the necklace to fit perfectly, but you can also wear the clasp at the front of the body, for an entirely different style. This type of closure worn at the front works particularly well with a shirt and collar, or, with a low cut top.

The delicate gemstones at the front of the necklace focus the eye at its resting place, and draws attention to the collarbone when worn at the dip at the centre of the clavicle. This ‘dip’ is known as the suprasternal notch - a visible dip in between the clavicles.

This length of decoration works beautifully with boat neck tops, off the shoulder or dropped shoulder designs (such as on a wedding dress) or low cut dresses where you wish to focus the eye higher up the chest. Another style of necklace that works well for this style of dress is a tennis necklace, or riviĆ©re necklace as it is also known, usually featuring a single row of stones that sit around the neck. 

CARAT London Carissa necklace with a wedding dress

What is gold vermeil?

After solid gold, gold vermeil is the highest quality type of gold tone jewellery that you can purchase. It is a great option for those who are seeking an affordable and high quality alternative to solid gold jewellery

Vermeil (“VER·MAY”) is a technique originating in the 19th century, where gold was applied to sterling silver. It is sometimes known as Silver-gilt or gilded silver, which is silver which has been gilded with gold. Gold vermeil is made through the gold plating technique but requires a thicker layer of gold - at least 5 times thicker than gold plating.

Conclusion of the Carissa necklace:

A beautiful piece of jewellery where no element has been forgotten in the quest to craft a stunningly versatile piece, with multiple opportunities for use and wear.

Watch the YouTube video of this necklace here: 

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