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Sunday 5 November 2023

Preparing for Twins: What do I need?

Congratulations! You're expecting twins! But what products do you actually need when preparing for the birth of multiples?  How can you make sure you have everything covered when you have one pair of hands and 2 (or more) babies?

preparing for twins - must have products for parents of multiples

This blog post will make your life so much easier, by arming you with the info and the items you really need to buy when expecting twins...and yes, this guidance comes straight from my own twin sister, who also gave birth to twins herself...shes a twin with twins, and she knows her stuff. Let's dive in...

What do I need to buy for twins?

Bugaboo donkey double pushchair


 The Bugaboo Donkey fits through all standard doorways (hurrah!), has large foam-filled tyres for easy use on fields, gravel and slightly rougher terrain and they don't need pumping up. It also has a big storage basket, interchangeable seats in both directions (handy if your twins like looking at each other). It is versatile for using with a single baby later on and the side basket is so handy, especially with older children taking water bottles, hats etc and just dumping them in the basket on fact, if you're pregnant with one baby and thinking of having another a year or two after, we'd recommend getting the donkey as your first pram so that you can use it for both children later on.

 It is expensive though, so if you're looking for a more affordable option we would recommend a mountain buggy duet for a lower price point and even better on rough terrain. The Nipper is another option which has a lockable front wheel so that you can run with them too.  

Large cot to sleep both

Many sleep their twins side by side when they are too little to roll, then opposite when they are bigger – although this doesn't last long when officially you shouldn't have them being able to touch for safe sleeping. It is however, useful for a cot top changer so that you can have one baby lying in cot interacting with you whilst the other baby is being changed, and then swap! A large cot is also good for a play pen whilst showering, dressing etc as they're older. Top Tip - twins figure things out quicker and tag team so they may learn how to help each other escape quite early!

Feeding tops with double access


 Feeding tops with double access are a lifesaver! Lots of twin mums also rate the feeding bra, feeding top and t-shirt combo for feeding, rather than plain double access. This makes it easy to lift either side/both down and keep a t-shirt rolled up above to hide the top of the breasts. This allows for fully adjustable coverage levels and nothing shifts round. 

Feeding pillow


 A feeding pillow is a definite…anything that allows the rugby ball hold is good.  One twin mum mentions that she sat in the middle of the sofa with a feeding pillow on her lap and a little nest on each side of her so she could pop a sleeping baby down easily and get up.

Sling for carrying both babies

A stretchy sling is great for twin carries and fourth trimester cuddles , skin to skin etc, but it doesn't last long with the weight of two. Mini monkeys are popular for little ones as they're separate and can feed on one side. A twingo is a good option for when they're slightly bigger, and the Weego can be used from birth. You can read our review of the ergobaby 360 carrier here.

Double electric pump


 Lots of twin mums recommend breastfeeding just for ease of feeding on demand without extra time and money with bottles and pumping – but if this is not an option for you, then a double pump is a must! This means you don’t waste from one side whilst pumping the other, and you can get two bottles for the time you would spend getting just one with a single pump. The medela swing is a firm favourite, or for half the cost you can opt for the tommee tippee version. Remember - the amount of milk you get in a pump is not the same as the amount your breasts can make for your baby! A 'letdown' of milk is a hormonal response to your baby latching on and feeding, your boobs don't respond in the same way for a pump which is why lots of mums need to look at their baby (or a photo of their baby) whilst feeding! Some mums can't pump at all, but can breastfeed successfully. You may need to try different pumps and different environments to see what works best for you. 
If you're looking for single pump reviews, we have tried and tested the MAM baby pump here and the Lansinoh breast pump here. 

Cheeky/reusable wipes 


Reusable wipes are much better for cleaning poo and saves money on wet wipes. This also goes for reusable nappies, you will save so much money on nappies for two and if you’re washing the cheeky wipes anyway then you are already using the washing machine for those – it wont cost any extra. 

The twin float for holiday

An obvious one – if you’re going away or even just going swimming! Wet babies are slippy and it's hard to hold both in the water. 

Twin trust membership

The twin trust membership raises funds for twins and hospitals  and has lots of good discounts when you’ve got two to buy for. 

Go for the biggest car you can

This is especially if you think you might have a third! So far, only the Seat Alhambra and a couple of others seat 3 across the back, otherwise you will have to look for vehicles with more than 5 seat options such as the Skoda Kodiaq.

A little walker that one can push and the other can sit on. 

Super cute as the twins can push and sit and play together whilst learning!

So, these are our must have recommendations when preparing for twins and multiples - I hope you find this list useful when buying for your twins!