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Sunday 20 September 2015

Magic Fairy / Elf door 15% off

If you read my post on provoking imaginative play with a fairy garden (here) then you will know just how excited I was when 'MY ELF DOOR' arrived from The Magic Door Store. ( They also sell magic fairy doors, both in a choice of colours!).

First of all, let me tell you, the packaging for this product is wonderful - wrapped in coloured tissue paper which you peel away to reveal a lovely illustrated box with cut away pieces displaying the door itself and the 'magic dust' - if you are buying this as a gift for someone else it really wont disappoint.

The back of the box inspires ideas of how to encourage imaginative play for children by suggesting how exciting it would be to discover "tiny magic dust footprints on the floor, little gifts and messages left by your elf friends" and the box even includes a letter welcoming the fairies and elves to their home with a space for your child to sign - its no surprise then, to find out that this company is a small family business run by a mum of two- and one who clearly has inspiring imaginative play and creativity at the heart of what she does!

magic fairy elf door

My initial worry was how I would fix this to the wall without causing any damage - no problem! The door comes with a pack of 'mounting putty' which does an amazing job of sticking the door to a surface without ruining the paintwork:

magic fairy elf door

The quality of the door itself is actually pretty impressive. As a 'crafty' person, i was wondering whether I would be disappointed by the product - would I open it to find myself thinking " actually i could make this myself"? The answer is no - I couldn't. If you read my previous post all about my fairy garden - you will know I love to make resources myself - but it is the quality and the detail of this product that set it apart. Its looks REAL! And the door handle and the door knocker actually MOVE. It makes it seem so realistic - if I hadn't stuck it to the wall myself i think i'd probably start to believe.... and who's to say that once the door is there, it wont REALLY entice some little fairies and elves into your home?

magic fairy elf door

Here is #Arthurwears discovering his elf door for the first time....

magic fairy elf door

So how can you incorporate learning into the discovery of the fairy/elf door with your child?

Mathematics - this lends itself really well to the shape, space and measures area of learning. Talk about size difference and introduce language of size such as big/small/tall/short/taller/shorter....have a go at trying to work out how tall the fairy/elf might be from the size of the tall are you compared to your door? 

Literacy - write little notes and leave them for the fairy/elf. Leave notes from the fairy/elf for your child to read. Leave gifts of fairy paper and mini pencils to encourage writing and mark making...the opportunities here are endless!

Being imaginative - make up stories about the elves and the fairies, imagine and talk about what might happen behind the fairy door, draw pictures of what your fairy might look like. Leave a tiny shoe outside the door and discuss how this might have happened, how could you return it etc - so many possibilities here!

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