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Monday 23 November 2015

Danger - please share - choking hazard

baby choking raisins

Danger-please share:

(Originally posted on Facebook )

Please think about biting or cutting raisins in half as well as grapes before giving to your baby...

In the small hours of this morning Arthur started gasping for breath and choking in his sleep. After getting him upright and trying to help him breathe he vomited up the blockage - 5 raisins which had rehydrated and swelled up with water, increasing to their previous size of a (slightly squashy) grape. He had eaten them 12 hours previously after his tea.

I know we all think about choking hazards when giving our baby food to eat, and I'm sure most of us know the dangers of giving whole grapes to babies and small children - it had never crossed my mind that I would have to consider the choking hazard of food such as this if it comes back up in the other direction!

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