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Friday 27 May 2016

bareMinerals SkinSorials skincare Review. Skinlongevity. #SkinSoGood

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A few months ago I was given the opportunity to test and review the new bareMinerals skincare range, SkinSorials, ahead of shooting some promotional videos at their London Head Office ready for their launch in June.
Now anyone who knows me well can attest to my absolute obsession with the bareMinerals brand, so this project filled me with a lot of joy and excitement (and quite a lot of nerves for the filming part!) The hardest part was keeping it under wraps, as the moment I started using the new products I really just wanted to tell everyone how amazing they were! I am very lead by my nose when it comes to most things and so the minute I opened the products and realised how wonderful, but also natural, they smelt - I knew I was onto something good!

In the past I have used a 3 step cleansing system which, like many, would consist of cleanse - tone - moisturise, or, wash - tone - moisturise.

The three step program for the new bareMinerals SkinSorials skincare range is based on a wash (purify) - skin longevity serum (empower) - moisturise.

bareMinerals, SkinSorials

The secret ingredient within these new products is a herb called the 'long life herb' which only grows on a tiny island off the coast of Japan called Okinawa, known as the ‘Island of Long Life’, they have one of the oldest living populations of today! The people on the island believe that eating this herb (which contains zinc, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins B2,B6 and A) extends their life. 

 Bare Minerals have infused the Skin Longevity serum with this amazing long life herb, which, admittedly left me sat at the lunch table in the Head Office (with Lee Etheridge - International education director giving us this amazing insight into the products) wondering if I should just pour the vial of serum down my throat instead of the delicious pizza and pasta they had on offer! (In all seriousness, please don't eat the products - although I'm thinking it might be worth trying to get a job in the manufacturing side of things...'long life herb packaging specialist and quality taster' *sorry...tester!* sounds like a good plan!)

Now onto the products themselves - I tested these for 6 weeks before reporting back to bareMinerals, and have continued to use them since, purely because I have been so impressed with the results:

I have combination skin (oily T zone and other more dry areas) with some breakouts, so I tested a wash and a moisturiser which would best suit my skin type: bareMinerals SkinSorials Pure Plush Gentle deep cleansing foam and bareMinerals SkinSorials True Oasis oil free replenishing gel cream alongside their bareMinerals SkinSorials Skinlongevity vital power infusion serum.

bareMinerals, SkinSorials, pure plush

Initially, I was concerned that the absence of a toner might be a problem, but the bareMinerals SkinSorials Pure Plush cleansing foam left my skin SO clean it was practically squeaking! All traces of makeup were completely eradicated and this was from using the smallest amount of product - you really don't need much at all. A tiny amount goes a long way and covers your whole face in a gorgeous smelling, foamy wash which washes away easily.
bareMinerals, SkinSorials, skin longevity

The bareMinerals SkinSorials Skin Longevity serum is seriously lightweight, but wow what a difference it makes. It sinks into your skin, almost like water being spread across the face and disappearing, leaving no trace of product visually, but your skin feels really fresh and smooth. I could actually stop at this step and my skin would feel comfortable and radiant enough to go about my day, however....   

skin longevity, bareMinerals, SkinSorials

The bareMinerals SkinSorials True Oasis oil free replenishing gel cream has been a godsend! This product is perfect for oily skin - especially in warmer weather and it is lovely and cooling and leaves the skin feeling so fresh. Again, this sinks in really well without any greasy or oily residue so it doesn't interfere with your makeup. In actual fact, since using these products I've rarely had to wear foundation (apart from concealing the odd hormonal breakout!) because my skin looks and feels so much better! My twin sister is getting married in June and has commented on how amazing my skin has been lately ( I usually have loads of breakouts and uneven tone/texture) - the products made such a difference so soon that even if she waits until the June launch to try them out, I think she will be impressed with the results by the time her wedding day comes around!

Of course, there are different products available for different skin types. My favourite future buy* (because after testing out the rest of the range at Head Office I've fallen in love with them all!) is the bareMinerals SkinSorials Oil Obsessed total cleansing oil - it smells amazing and feels lovely and luxurious on the skin. Oil is a great way to clean dry and oily skin as it actually helps balance out the oil production and works in harmony with your skin. I'll probably use this as a morning cleanser along with a facial massage to really perk my skin up...   

bareMinerals, SkinSorials

...*Who am I kidding - I've bought it from QVC already! It really is as good as I remember, and great for using in the shower as you rub the oil into DRY skin and then add water. Upon contact with water it turns into a lovely milky white wash, thoroughly cleaning the skin without stripping it of its oils.

After testing out these products and seeing the results, I was invited ( along side 5 others) to the bareMinerals Head Office in London to meet the team, meet the inspirational Lee Etheridge, have my makeup done (hurrah!!) and film my experiences of the brand...

bareMinerals head office, bareMinerals kitchen

I have written a separate blog post all about my day filming in London for bareMinerals, which is available to read here, if you would like to continue the story!

Here is a teaser video from bareMinerals showing part of my filmed review ( I am at the end):

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