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Children Changing Careers p8: Laura from Maybimoo

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

Welcome to part 8 of the blog series 'Children Changing Careers' - A series for parents who have pulled off a career change after having children.

This week's post features Laura from Maybimoo

Here is her career changing story...

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

I am Laura, 33, from Ilkley West Yorkshire; I am a wife to Mike and a Mummy to our gorgeous 3 Year old (threenager) Mabel.
My whole career since I left School has been in Childcare and Education, having studied this at Diploma level at college alongside an NVQ level 3, I went on to work in 2 Private Schools and also was a Nanny for 2 Years.

At my last job (before Mabel) I helped to manage a busy Private Nursery and staff, alongside going to University to carry out a Foundation Degree in Early Years, I have worked full time since I was 16 Years old, 40 hours per week, right up to the month before I was due to give birth.

I fell head over heels in love with her from the second she was born, everyone tells you this happens, but until you experience it for yourself – wow, no other feeling like it! I knew instantly that I never wanted to be apart from her, I never wanted to miss her firsts, and I was so excited to be with her whilst on Maternity leave.
Once I fully settled into Mummy life and had an established routine, I knew this is what I had always wanted to be – a Mummy, I have never felt fulfilled until this moment, being a Mummy has made me into a better, stronger and more positive person.
I am 100% committed to my family and after a lengthy discussion with my Husband, we both knew that the best for her would be for me to look after her and not return to work, we never set a time frame on how long I would stay off with her for, but we mutually agreed that this was our only way forward, and the right way for the 3 of us.
I must just add that I am very lucky to have such a supportive and understanding Husband and I will be forever grateful to him for giving me this opportunity.

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

The Other main reason for not returning to work was after we had a financial discussion, and made a breakdown of all of our outgoings, we ditched things that we didn’t need to spend; we cut back on little things like the sky package, our internet, and our food shopping bills.
We had always planned for me to find part time work after MAT leave until she was actually here, however, upon working out our childcare fees, we knew we would be paying more out in Nursery fees, whilst I would be elsewhere looking after other people’s children, at a financial loss, it made perfect logical sense for me to be with my own baby.
We put our heads together and worked out ways for me to earn money from home...

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

So the search began looking at different ways to earn money whilst caring for our daughter, nothing really got my attention at all, I knew I have always been a creative person, and loved to make paper cut art as a hobby.
This involves designing a piece of art and cutting out intricate personalised designs and quotes from high quality paper using a sharp scalpel, which leaves a gorgeous paper lace effect which I frame.
I decided to make a couple of designs for our home and when I had finished I put the pictures on my personal Facebook account, and to my surprise lots of people commented asking where I had bought them from. I decided to set up a page and add products and just see how it goes, luckily my page has been seen and with the help of facebook I have a steady amount of orders coming in.

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

I also did my research on MLM (multi level marketing) companies and Network Marketing companies and briefly joined a makeup company, the attraction marketing world involves a lot of Personal development – lots and lots of reading, learning and networking with inspirational business owners and entrepreneurs.
I set up my own beauty blog page, sharing my favourite make up , clothes, tips, and inspirational quotes – through doing this, I discovered Fake Bake Beauty, a brand new MLM brand, allowing ladies and gents to earn money, through becoming a consultant and using network marketing and in home parties and building a strong like minded team.
This is my passion; I have used Fake Bake for years, and love the quality and really love the company, – the best part, its cruelty free! My dreams now is to continue to mentor and build a big team of beauty consultants, and share my tips and knowledge of the MLM and Network Marketing world, and reach our goals together.

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

My Days have completely changed- I can give my Daughter the time and attention that she needs, and make lots of new memories with her, the best part about working from home is I can fit it around our daily life
I make my paper cut designs on an evening and throughout the day check on and offline, research, make notes, update my training, make targets, and at bedtime – read one of my inspirational books – my favourite at the Moment is Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard.
The best thing about being at home is just being there as a Mummy, having the full support of my Husband, family and friends... I get to see and speak to inspirational men and women everyday... The downside – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!!

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

My advice to anyone thinking of staying home or building a new career would be to really think it all through, know what is right for you and your family, and thoroughly discuss it with your partner. Finance is obviously a big part, but it isn’t always as scary as it seems – it’s easy to cut back on a lot of things you just don’t need any more, it may mean taking a drop in pay, but if it works for you then I say do it!! Life is too short right??

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers

Laura Sant, Maybimoo, beauty magnified, children changing careers


  1. I've tried to make my own cut paper pictures- what a disaster! I'm very impressed. They take a lot of patience and energy. I'm happy for you that you can work from home doing something you enjoy.


  2. Great that you can work from home :) Definitely sounds like your days have changed for the better! xx

  3. Fab that you've been able to start working from home. I'd love to do crafty things but sadly I just don't have the talent!! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday


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