Thursday, 29 October 2015

For all the Mummies going back to work - this one's for you... (poem)

end of maternity leave poem - for all the mummies going back to work

I have a lovely friend who is about to start work again after maternity leave and her child has recently started nursery. She has been feeling a bit sad about the whole thing, and so, although this post is for every single Mummy out there in this position - she is the one who I thought about whilst writing this....

poem working mum

mums going back to work poem end of maternity leave

And so the day has come,
You knew it would,
This maternity leave is done for good,
How can it be that a year has gone by?
It seems like only yesterday you heard that first cry...

The first nappy change, the first journey home,
That first lovely feed, your first day alone,
The cuddles at night when they don't want to sleep,
Then the visitors come and they don't make a peep!

Has it really all passed?
Has time really moved on?
Do you now have a child who is soon to be one?
And so nursery will call, and the promise of friends,
You'll let go of their hand and think, "is this where it ends?"
They might cry for a week, they might cry for a day,
But you know they'll be fine once you just walk away...

And yes, although it may feel like a loss you must face,
It's just goodbye to the baby - there's a child in its place.

So this isn't the end, there's still so much to see:
What path will they take? Who will they be?
You'll still get to play games, get to watch them grow tall,
Hold their hand at the park and be there when they fall...
Perhaps not every day, perhaps not every time,
You won't sing every song, you won't know every rhyme,
But the things they will gain from this place they will go,
As their confidence soars and relationships grow,
They'll learn to take turns, learn to play with their friends,
Learn to say sorry, be kind, make amends.

So remember this, Mummy, and always be sure,
You're doing great, you're amazing, you don't need to do more!
The things you've achieved and the child you have raised,
Will love you whatever, be it 3 or 5 days.
So please don't feel guilty, feel down or feel sad,
It's time to feel proud - what a year you have had!

You did it! You made it! What a great job you've done,
You'll be a Mummy forever - that job's just begun. X 

Sarah x

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End of maternity leave poem - for all the mummies going back to work this one's for you

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  1. Lovely poem. I am determined not to feel guilty. Although I do, just a bit.

    1. Oh I know - it's easier said than done! I think most Mum's feel guilty for most things, no matter what! You're definitely not alone there X

  2. Such a lovely poem! I'm a working mother - just gone back after the second bout of maternity leave and I wasn't ready this time. I only had 3 months off and it was a strain going back. But I managed... the guilt is subsiding and I just look forward to making the most of my nights at home with my girlies! #JustAnotherLinky

    1. Wow hats off to you, at 3 months I was still struggling to get up and dressed never mind go to work! I can't even imagine how hard that must have been. X

  3. Aww lovely poem :) I hated leaving my babies when I had to go back to work, how time has flew since then!!

    1. Thank you - have just seen on your page you have 4! Having still not had a full night sleep with number one I can't even imagine it! X

  4. Ahh lovely poem. I really miss my son when I am at work and I really miss him when he is at his Dad's (we are now separated). I count down the hours until I get to see him again. #KCACOLS

    1. Bless you, yes I can imagine that eats away into your time together even more, but I think the message is still the same - he will love your time together just as much as you do and different scenery/surroundings won't be a bad thing X

  5. This is so lovely!
    It really takes me back to when I had to go back to work after having my son.
    Laura xx

    1. Thanks Laura - did you find it any easier with number 2? X

    2. Well, this time around I'm lucky enough to be a SAHM :) x

  6. This is a great poem. I was and am fortunate enough to have been able to hand my notice in after my maternity leave ended and I stayed home, not necessary the easy choice, and I applaud any mother out there. My 2nd child starts preschool in Jan so I will be going back to work, well I'll be taking my blog to the next level anyway. I am sad, and I also can't wait for the future and what it holds, not just for my child and the friends she will make, but for me too, as I grab some of my identity back. Great post. Stopping by from #brilliantblogposts xo

    1. Thanks Lizzie and good luck to you, I am sure you will do great!

  7. Awww this is a lovely poem Sarah! You are right when you say "t's time to feel proud - what a year you have had!". The time flies so quickly that you don't even realise it is now time to go back to work. With my first daughter I had less time off work, about 5 months but I was working from home after that so it didn't feel that bad. With my second one I was already a SAHM so I haven't left her yet. But I understand all those feelings!! It is not easy and of course it is sad but as you also said which I agree and love the quote "You'll be a Mummy forever - that job's just begun". This is a job that we are just starting and we have so many years to come!! Beautiful post. Thanks so much for joining me at #KCACOLS. I love having you here. I hope you can join me again next Sunday! :-) xx

    1. Thank you Franca - hoping to join in again, just need to work on my next post!

  8. Such a great poem. Takes me back to when I had to go back to work after the Tubblet was born

  9. Lovely poem. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

  10. This is such a lovely poem and a good read. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky

  11. A brilliant poem Arthur! And you're right too, the job has only just begun. There are so many things to tackle as they grow. My eldest is now 11 and we've just had to deal with him catching the bus to High School. It's a big step.
    I love that you thought of your friend when writing this too. x

    1. Thanks Morgan, I can't even imagine putting Arthur on a bus on his own to go to school - that is a big step! Thanks for commenting x

    2. Haha, I said that! You can't imagine it now, but in a few (maybe a little more than a few) you'll be looking forward to it, kind of! ;)


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