Wednesday, 14 October 2015

DIY sensory pouches

baby sensory

We have probably all seen various sensory pouches available for babies and young children - they are a great way to let your little ones explore different textures and materials safely and without any mess. I have made these in the past using ziplock bags, but it can be hard to stop them leaking. This version uses laminating sheets and you don't need a laminator to make them!

baby sensory

DIY Sensory Pouches

First of all, I cut my A4 laminating sheet in half to make a smaller pouch - you can make them any size you like, but this is a good size for small hands.

baby sensory

Take your sheet of laminate and seal 3 of the sides with a pair of hair straighteners - make sure to leave one side open!

baby sensory

You can now start to fill your pouch. The first thing I put inside this one is some googly eyes!

baby sensory

I then added all of the following: Glitter, PVA, coloured water, oil

baby sensory  baby sensorybaby sensorybaby sensory

squeeze out the excess air and then seal the final side with your straighteners

baby sensory

Voila! The finished pouch...

baby sensory

I also made another pouch using just oil, coloured water and glitter.
I also made a 'dry' pouch for small and delicate items which included skeleton leaves, feathers and a fabric heart.

baby sensory

There are lots of different things you could include in a sensory pouch, here are some ideas to get you started:

  • baked beans
  • hair gel
  • tapioca
  • glitter glue
  • sequins
  • paint ( add a blob of different colours and let little fingers mix them together)
  • jelly
I like to make sensory pouches which act as a reminder of previous messy play activities such as like frog pond tuff tray or this honey bee tuff tray activity. 

Please be aware that these pouches do not last forever, especially if your little one likes to bite and scrunch things! To be extra sure of no leaks you can also add sellotape to the edges as extra security. Please don't leave young children unattended.

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  1. Never mind sensory pooches for little ones! I recon they'd work as stress relievers for adults!

    A great way of stimulating young ones without the mess!


    1. You are right Debbie- they are so therapeutic!

  2. What a brilliant idea! These look like fun to make :) thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

    1. They actually were quite fun- definitely one to let older children help make too! So many possible experiments!

  3. Hair straighteners! That's genius! Why didn't I think if that before! Thanks for sharing. I have also pinned this too. Hope that's okay. x

    1. Absolutely - Pin away!
      I thought the same about the hair straighteners once is had the idea! I've used ziplock bags in the past but they always leak x


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