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Friday, 2 October 2015

Online games for children

Children love technology. Give them a game to play online and they generally have more fun just because they feel like they are 'playing'. Here is a list of some educational games for your child to try at home which I have used successfully in an Early Years classroom:

Do you have any great games you have tried which I should add to my list? Comment below.


Buried Treasure

Picnic on Pluto

Pick a picture

Sentence substitution

Letter sounds within words

Blending words

The 'Jolly phonucs' song and pictures - video


Adding two numbers together (number dice)

Adding two numbers together ( dot dice)

Keeping a total of bananas eaten

Estimate and count bees

Comparing weights of animals

Put the numbers on the clock

Boat rescue

Guess the hidden shape

Estimate the number of eggs

Post the letters

Adding coins together - splat the hand with the right amount

Pay for an item at the shop till

Counting money

An extra pair of hands to help with your adding up