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Thursday 2 April 2020

Easy home-made pretend role-play food from every day items

Want to know how to make some quick and easy home made, pretend role-play food from every day household items? 

pretend role play food using sponges, felt, spaghetti and pompoms

This post will show you how to make some fake Battenberg cake, pretend sponge cakes, fake ice cream, pretend spaghetti and meatballs, chips, crumpets and more....

Easy home-made pretend role-play food from every day items

Here is a quick video of how I made this pretend role play food: 

Items you need to make pretend play food:

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Once you have watched the video above, which demonstrates how to make the role play food, have a look at the following images for inspiration of how to set up your pretend play food.

We added ours to our Bettys role play cafe, which you can read more about here, along with some more step by step instructions of how to make felt fondant fancies and polymer clay cakes. 

pretend cakes, sandwich, crumpets, spaghetti and chips

Cheese and ham sandwiches with chips, crumpets and spaghetti meatballs....

The bread is made from thin yellow sponge, the ham and cheese from felt. The crumpet is another type of sponge, akin to a sea sponge. The chips are a chopped up dish sponge. Spaghetti is cream coloured wool and meatballs are felt balls/pompoms.

sandwich made from sponge and felt

Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with sponge cakes and battenberg cake.... 

tray with pretend sponge cake, battenberg and ice cream

The sponge cakes are made from pink and yellow sponges, hot glued together with a red pompom cherry on top...

fake battenberg made fro sponges and felt and fake sponge cake with cherry

The battenberg cake is made from strips of pink and yellow sponge glued together with a glue gun, and a sheet of cream coloured felt glued around the outside for the marzipan...

pretend battenberg cale made from minky sponges and felt

The ice cream is made from pink, brown and cream coloured shower pouffs with the string removed...

pretend ice cream made from shower pouffs

The spaghetti is made from cream coloured wool and the meatballs are brown pompoms...

pretend spaghetti made from wool and meatballs made from pompoms

pretend role play sandwich, chips, crumpets and spaghetti

The chips are made from a chopped up yellow sponge...

pretend crumpets made from sponges

The crumpets are made from a sponge with larger holes, cut into a circle shape and coloured on the underside with a brown sharpie...

Easy home made play food from everyday items

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