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Thursday 26 March 2020

The Day the World Stayed At Home | Poem

The Day the World Stayed at Home - Poem

For we will have those days again  Our freedom back to roam  But the most important thing right now  Is that we all just stay at home. poem

The Day the world stayed at home poem
 The day the world stayed at home poem

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The day the world stayed at home poem.

The earth turned on it’s axis, The sun rose for the day, But the planes, the trains the taxis? They chose to stay away
The roads became much calmer,The streets were quieter still, Because amidst this force of beauty, The world was getting ill
The flowers still grew their petals, The trees they danced away, The sky was blue, the grass was green, And we all rose to see the day
But the days for us looked different, Something wasn’t quite the same, No long commutes or morning rush, And a virus was to blame
All the parents taught their children, Kitchen tables turned to desks, But play times were without their friends , The rule was clear: no guests!
Because the most important thing here, Isn’t me, myself and I , And all the people knew this , And that’s the reason why...
The reason why we stay here, The four walls of our house, Surrounded by our work, Our children and our spouse 
We say farewell to grandmas, Because we want to keep them safe, And we give the world around us, More distance and more space 
For we truly know what matters , When it comes to love and war, Not strength of hand nor clench of fist, But a firm close of the door
We keep their lives protected, By the sacrifice we make, Not money, power, riches , But the small things we forsake 
A drive out in the country, A Mother’s Day meal for tea, A coffee and a hearty chat , A picnic by the sea 
For we will have those days again, Our freedom back to roam, But the most important thing right now, Is that we all just stay at home.

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