Friday, 30 November 2018

You Can Keep Me A Secret - POEM

A little creative poetry post for a Friday - something I wrote in the middle of the night a few weeks ago and had no recollection of until I found it on my phone the next day...

a poem - you can keep me a secret

You can keep me a secret

You can keep me a secret
Blow my soul through the breeze
But still I’m within you
Building roots like old trees

I’ll stay anchored and steady
And I won’t let you go
You may try to dismiss me
But deep down you ‘know’

My existence it scares you
My presence it pains
In the dark I’m the secret
That wraps you in chains

Ties your stomach in knots
Makes the silence feel vast
And I’ve only grown bigger
With every moment that’s passed

You won’t speak of my name
As if I don’t exist
And I tug on your anger
Like opportunities missed

I spin you around
Till your emotions they spill
And yet your secret hangs in there:
I torment you still

“Just say it” I whisper
“Say my name, let’s be done”
But the moment it passes
And it sets like the sun

And so another day dawns
And i think “is this it?”
“Is this finally the day I will rise from the pit....”

“...of your stomach, like a memory revised”
I didn’t ask to be hidden
Won’t you open your eyes?

This place you have kept me
Like a womb I’ve outgrown
Has only served to make me
Feel huge and unknown

But I’m not a dark monster
Though my size may feel grand,
just the part of your life you don’t yet understand

I won’t make people hate you
I won’t make you look small
You won’t be less of a person
If you answer my call

My call out for freedom,
To be a secret no more
You can start with a whisper
You can end with a roar

And if anyone dares say that you aren’t enough
Once I’m out in the open
Stay strong and say tough

Because it won’t be down to my presence, Not me and not you
It’s most likely because,
they have their own secrets too

So don’t keep me a secret
Throw my name to the breeze
And let’s grow strong together
Like the roots of old trees x


NB: This poem is subject to copyright. You are welcome to share the link to this post, but please do not copy or distribute the poem and the wording without permission.

Sarah x

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  1. Beautiful words, Sarah. You should write more poetry in the middle of the night ��


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