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Wednesday 31 July 2019

Stay at home Mum Poem

stay at home mum poem

Stay at home mum poem

The house is a mess
I can’t pee on my own
(I’ll be living like this till my child’s fully grown)
Living off crumpets and dried out cold toast
And the microwaved tea? Hey, I don’t mean to boast..

Do you know how it works? This old parenting lark?
You spend your day doing ‘nothing’ and then get given a mark...
Has the washing been folded?
Did you clean in the loo?
Is the dinner not ready??
Really - what did you DO?!?....

Why is the sink full of cutlery, pots, cups galore?
And why is there washing all over the floor??
The TV is dusty, the floor needs a wash,
You think you’ve been busy? What a load of old tosh.

“Tidy house, tidy mind”
“De-clutter and sleep”
“Spark joy with your cleaning”
“Work hard, sow and reap”

All these things that they tell you
Wisdom you ‘need to know’
Do they take care of your children?
Do they see how they grow??

So step away from the mirror
Put the judgements away
Tell those voices to pipe down
Don’t give a damn what they say
There’s nobody watching
Those ‘marks’ are you own
So your house may be messy?
But you do it alone

Let’s change the message
The image
The line
You’re a mum raising children and you’re doing just fine!
Your babies are healthy
They’re clothed and they’re fed
Shoes on their feet and a cot or a bed

Yes you’re tired, you didn’t sleep well...
Had you much of a choice?
And no your kids won’t need counselling because you once raised your voice.

You’re not failing, or useless
Nothing less than enough
Your children are happy
Remember: parenting’s tough!

Sarah x 

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