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Saturday 20 May 2017

A Perfect View with Perfect Glasses

Both my Husband and I are short sighted and require correctional lenses in order to see. My prescription is quite bad and so I usually wear contact lenses - but a few years ago I suffered from a serious infection in my cornea called Acanthamoeba Keratitis which left me unable to see in one eye and requiring hospital visits, hourly drops to my eye and a corneal scrape (yes it was as painful as it sounds!) Luckily I made a full recovery, but I was unable to wear contact lenses for quite a while and I often try to give my eyes a break by switching to glasses whenever possible. 

A perfect view with perfect glasses

My Husband on the other hand hates wearing contact lenses and wears glasses every day. Between us we probably spend a small fortune on glasses, frames and lenses and so are always on the look out for reasonably priced glasses online or in store...

This week we were given the chance to try out some prescription sunglasses from Perfect Glasses. They also offer Men's and Women's Glasses and Designer Glasses online and with over 3000 frames to choose from we were really spoiled for choice. Some of the frames start at only £9 (this includes the prescription lenses by the way!) and many of the Designer styles were so much cheaper than I'd seen elsewhere...plus they regularly have half price deals online too.

Possibly the best thing for me though was their fun, perfect 'try on' feature...we literally spent an evening ( I know, rock n roll right?!) virtually 'trying on' the different glasses online! You basically just take a selfie on your phone or tablet whilst browsing the site and then give it a whirl.

I am going to post a photo here of my husband 'trying on' the sunglasses that he ordered next to a real life photo so you can compare them to the real thing:


Perfect Glasses online try on tool Husband trying on sunglasses from perfect glasses

We chose an aviator style called 'Foster'  in a light brown colour- perfect for summer and also great for lighter coloured hair.

Frame info:

The frame details online include measurements for the frame width, arm length, lens diameter, lens depth and nose bridge and a list of compatible lens types such as single vision, bifocals and multifocals. There are also different lens types available if you require 'non-prescription' sunglasses such as tint colours, polarised tints and transition sun reactive lenses. 


I was unsure how to enter my husband's prescription details online as his prescription was actually obtained in Holland when he visited his optician there - no problem! I just attached a copy of the prescription in an email to Perfect Glasses and this was sorted for me.

NB: the maximum prescription catered for is +/- 8 SPH and +/- 4 CYL. If your prescription is between +/-4 SPH and +/-2 CYL it takes only 24 hours....other prescriptions can take between 2-14 working days. You can find more info in the FAQ section of their website.

Thinner lenses are available at an additional cost for higher prescriptions - if you are looking for the pricing info for this, simply choose your frame, click on 'BUY NOW' (with prescription lenses) and select your lens type. You will then be given further options and pricing details for different lenses such as 'high impact thin lenses', 'ultra thin lenses', 'wafer thin lenses'.

Our sunglasses:

The frames that arrived were of a good quality and came with a super sleek bronze and black case with  microfibre cloth:

glasses case from perfect glasses

Husband was really really happy with the prescription, he can see perfectly and the sunglasses fitted well and looked great on in real life too - phew!!

brown aviators from perfect glasses

light brown foster aviator prescription sunglasses

brown foster aviator sunglasses from perfect glasses

He has also been desperate for some specs in this style: ( a popular choice at the moment!):

perfect glasses try on tool online
...but we are going to hold out for some frames of a slightly lighter colour, as these are actually 'black' rather than the grey colour they look on screen which would have been perfect! I'll definitely keep checking back on this website though - brilliant value and quality and so easy for busy parents!

Love Sarah x

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