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Sunday 15 April 2018

Extension clean up with the Vorwerk Kobold VK200 and new SP600 vacuum mop - review

If you’ve ever had building work undertaken in your home (or let’s face it, even if you’ve just drilled a few holes into the wall!) then you will know how unbelievably messy this can get - the dust just.gets.everywhere!!

 Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review

Add a toddler, a refluxy baby and less than 8 hours sleep a night into the mix and you’ll need a pretty good home cleaning system to tackle what’s left. It needs to be quick, it needs to be powerful, it needs to be easy and for the love of god it needs to give results on the first attempt....no mama has the time, energy or toddler tidy enough to keep going over and over and over...

 Extension clean up with the Vorwerk Kobold VK200  and new SP600 vacuum mop - review

When Vorwerk got in touch with me asking me to review their new Kobold VK200 Ultimate Homecare Cleaning System  with the new SP600 attachment (which vacuums and mops AT THE SAME TIME) and give it a whirl for a few weeks - it was perfect timing!

(Maybe not perfect timing for my future bank balance, because quite honestly, I’m not sure how I am going to live without this once I send it back...and that means it’s going on my list of things to buy once funds allow.)

I am always very honest with my reviews, so if I give you a list of all of my possible titles and tag lines for this blog, you might get an insight into what I thought:

  1. I fell in love with cleaning, and here is why
  2. The vacuum that doesn’t scare children or animals
  3. The vacuum that mops and vacuums at the same time
  4. The best home cleaning system I’ve tried
  5. Get rid of the bedbugs with Vorwerk
  6. The best vacuum for allergy sufferers
  7. Channel your inner ghostbuster with Vorwerk

(Okay that last one will make sense soon) ...

Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review - back carry
Using the strap to back carry the Kobold VK200 with the telescopic tube
This vacuum cleaner is a dream for anyone who loves a gadget or loves technology because it just has SO many clever little quirks. Here are a few of my favourite bits:

  1. The EB400 automatic electric brush can be used to vacuum all surfaces. It scans the floor and automatically switches between carpet and hard floor settings.
  2. The SP600 2 in 1 vacuum and mop picks up the bits and mops the floor all at the same time! There are 3 moisture levels which adds more water to the cloth at the touch of a button.
  3. You can insert a fragrance chip which will let out a lovely smell every time you use the vacuum
  4. The PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush can provide suction on its entire surface, or it can focus all of the power at the tip (for corners) at the slide of a button
  5. The crevice nozzle accessory has a thin flexible end which can bend to fit behind radiators or difficult areas. It also comes with an AMAZING attachment which suctions to the wall when you are drilling a hole and sucks up all the dust before it has a chance to go anywhere!
  6. You can dry clean your mattress using the PB440, MR440 and MP440 mattress attachments and Lavenia Powder
  7. You can dry clean your carpets using the VF200 carpet freshener and Kobosan powder.
  8. All of the accessories click on and off really easy using the green buttons.

Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review and different parts

There are lots of different attachments and options for this homecare cleaning system - you don't have to buy them all, you may not need them all - although I definitely felt like I really needed them all forever when it came to trying them out...

The Kobold VK200 with new SP600:

Using the carpet freshener:

Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review - carpet freshener

The carpet freshener was great - the Kobosan powder smelt amazing and it was really easy to distribute and massage into the carpet using the attachments. I used a spot tester to see how much oil was in the carpet before and after application and there was a huge difference! It was also really satisfying vacuuming this back up and made me feel so much better about the fact my baby crawls on this carpet!

Using the SP600 2 in 1 vacuum and mop:

Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review

Vorwerk Kobold VK 200 and SP600 2 in 1 vacuum mop review

The SP600 2 in 1 vacuum and mop attachment is by far my favourite part of this cleaning system. We have hard floors in all of our house apart from the lounge and stairs which are carpeted. 

I vacuum my floors and carpets at least once a day and with a weaning baby and a messy toddler they get really dirty really quickly. We are limited on the type of conventional mop we can use - especially as our new playroom extension has electric underfloor heating pads underneath the click and lock laminate floor. An abundance of water could ruin our floor and heating system and so we need to use a cloth mop which doesn't get TOO wet. We also have underfloor heating in our playroom extension, so too much running water isn't an option!

The beauty of this system is that it uses the smallest amount of water and cleaner and you can control the moisture level.

On the main house floor which doesn't have underfloor heating I gave this a really good clean on the highest setting which was perfect. My time spent cleaning has halved using this because I don't have to vacuum first, its all done in one go. It is also SO much easier to mop upstairs and around bedroom furniture using the SP600.

Using the mattress dry cleaning option:

Watch out for some video clip evidence of my mattress cleaning in action over on my social media channels throughout the next week. It's on of those things that you probably never do, and once you've done it you probably don't feel the benefit apart from being safe in the knowledge that your mattress is clean! Oh, and the lovely lavender smell that the cleaning powder gives off fr a few days!

Here's a closeup of the powder on a mattress!

How do I try or buy the Vorwerk Kobold VK200?

You can't go into a shop and buy one of these beauties I'm afraid, but you can go online and Book a Demo ...

It's not as scary as it sounds and it is actually a brilliant concept. A sales advisor will come to your home and show you exactly how to use the VK200 ultimate homecare system before leaving you to give it a try yourself and see how you get on.

There is no hard sell and there is no pressure to buy - although I can guarantee you will probably want to! They even offer at home parties for you and a group of friends if that is more your sort of thing!

Any drawbacks to the Kobold VK200 cleaning system?

Not necessarily a drawback, but there were just 2 things I struggled with personally - and this is a very subjective issue and wont be a problem for everyone...

1) I found the attachment handles for cleaning upholstery etc a little too wide for my smaller sized hands. This meant that by the time I had finished cleaning the stairs with the upholstery brush my hand was really aching because it had been spread wider than is usually comfortable. The shape itself is designed beautifully and is absolutely perfect for most hand sizes. I'd love for there to be a 'petite handle' option for this model. 

2) You do need the strap to carry this on your back when you are doing things such as cleaning the stairs or cleaning the mattress otherwise it is a bit tricky to hold onto the main model body with one hand and clean with the other. The problem I have personally with this is that I usually have to do my cleaning with a baby strapped to my back....so there is no room for a vacuum aswell!


By far the best vacuum and cleaning system I have used for cleaning large areas of flooring and carpets. It halves the time I spend and it offers a brilliant clean with little effort. The additional attachments and gadgets such as curtain, wall and ceiling cleaners are brilliant for attending to a thorough house clean. My three year old is frightened of vacuum cleaners but he doesn't mind this one at all, and this is also great for allergy sufferers. In my opinion the new SP600 2 in 1 vacuum and mop attachment is the best bit. I know that earlier models had a manual moisture control, but this new model has a water tank which wets the cloth for you. Wish I could keep it forever!

Don't forget to Book a Demo if you fancy trying it out yourself.

Sarah x

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all words and opinions are my own.

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