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Wednesday 16 January 2019

Teenage suicide - what are the warning signs and how can you help?

Last month, the lives of some of my closest family were changed forever as one of the younger members, Quinn, took her own life a few short weeks before Christmas. Quinn was just 17.

teenage suicide - what are the warning signs and how can you help

The passing of anyone you know and care about feels like a huge loss, but when they leave this life by choice, the “what ifs” feel louder, the responsibility feels heavier and the ability to make sense of it all feels so out of reach. We know we aren’t to blame, and yet we still can’t help but wonder if we could have done more...

Teenage suicide - what are the warning signs and how can you help?

The number of teenage suicides in the UK has risen by 15% in the last year alone (office of national statistics - ONS) and depression is the biggest cause of ill health amongst teenagers around the world (BBC).

We know that talking about mental health issues, although less of a 'taboo' topic these days thanks to campaigns such as #timetotalk and #worldmentalhealthday, can still be a tricky conversation to have. 
 Some people worry that by opening up the conversation around suicide, they could be inadvertently putting the idea of suicide in their minds. The advice is still to talk openly and honestly about suicide, and research carried out by the charity for the prevention of young suicide, PAPYRUS , shows that talking about suicide does not give people ideas. Rather, you would be creating a scenario where you are making them aware that it is okay to talk about suicide and that there may be someone who can help.

What are the warning signs of suicide risk? What should you look out for?

I have put together an infographic below which outlines some of the risk factors for teen suicide, some of the warning signs for suicide, places you can find help and also some information on coping with loss if you have found this page because of the death of a loved one. The end of the infographic includes a remembrance poem for those already passed.

Teenage suicide - risk factors and warning signs - an infographic:

an infographic with risk factors for teenage suicide, warning signs of teen suicide, coping with loss, where to get help

"The rest of those before us cannot settle the unrest of those to follow..."

Sarah x

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