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Sunday 17 March 2019

Parenting Outdoors - Jacamo Menswear Review

Discosure: We were sent the menswear items from Jacamo in return for an honest review.

Jacamo deals in clothing from sizes S - 5XL and aims to provide nothing but legendary style choices to today’s modern man - whether that be a smart look, casual or everyday style. They are part of the Ethical Trading Initiative, and have a range of brands available so that you should be able to find everything you need online for a complete outfit. With next day delivery available, and a range of return options - it makes clothes shopping easy for busy parents!

Parenting Outdoors - Jacamo menswear review - man crouching down next to a toddler outside

With his love of fashionable attire, Mr Arthurwears, aka, the Husband/Daddy was tasked with the job of choosing himself a few select pieces for an outfit review from Jacamo. I am lucky enough to have married a man who loves shopping and clothes more than I do ( I know - rare breed!) and I have no doubt that this request to pick something out came as a refreshing change from my usual requests for him to stop buying more shirts, shoes, ties, jackets etc etc...

I had the equally as difficult task of having to take photos of my husband (see my instagram feed for a behind the scenes photo) for the purpose of this review, and even better - I didn't even have to write it myself! I shall now hand you over to the man himself....

Jacamo Menswear Review



As my wife will testify, I love a shirt. I have “far too many” (I disagree), a man can never have too many shirts. I wear dress shirts for work, however, on a weekend/day off I like to wear casual shirts and in autumn/winter/early spring I love a nice warm flannel shirt. I’ve been after a black watch tartan shirt for a while, especially a flannel one to add to the collection so I chose this. It was good quality and fitted very well. It was also warm enough not to need a jumper on. The only downside was it didn’t have a button down collar which meant the collar sometimes went a bit John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever but all in all I was very pleased with the shirt.



Jeans are my weekend trouser of choice, I usually wear Scotch & Soda “Raalston” which is a slim fit Jean. I thought I’d give these a go as I had wanted some navy jeans. They were described as “slim fit” on the website. However, there was no “slim” in these trousers but they did at least “fit”. Clearly as I am not a teenager I wasn’t looking for anything skin tight but something slimmer and better cut would have been good. The trousers (they are not jeans) were very comfy but as I am in my mid-thirties I am not sure I am ready for trousers with such an elastic stretch in them. The stretch in them also meant they got even less slim fitting as the day went on. Great though for when you are running around after the kids or bending down to pick them up and you need the stretch for movement. I will see what they are like after a wash, but for the price, they are a decent enough trouser for getting muddy on a walk on the moors without worrying you are ruining your best jeans!


I usually go for walks in my Wellington Boots but living in the moors in God’s Own County it was high time I got some walking boots. Most walking boots are not that nice though, more functional than easy on the eye. Probably why I’ve not had some before, as a bit of a shoe snob! Once I saw these I knew I’d found a decent looking boot, I just hoped they were functional. As a Leeds fan I shouldn’t like the red laces but I thought the contrast was a nice touch as were the other bits of colour. Trendy? It is a matter of choice but I thought they were. They were exceptionally comfortable. I first thought they were too small but it transpired I just hadn’t tied them tight enough to keep my foot at the heel. A very good price for a good looking and functional walking boot.



 I used to have a pea coat, I got engaged whilst wearing it but it was massive! I got rid of it a few years back because I never wore it. It was like a tent but when I purchased it in the early 2000’s that didn’t matter because I felt like like Robert Redford (even though with hindsight I wasn’t).

I chose this Firetrap wool pea coat from Jacamo because it looked well tailored. It did fit, everywhere apart from the sleeves which were too short (although that did allow me to show off my new checked shirt!), I am now left wondering whether I have abnormally long arms or if the coat wasn’t that well cut after all. I think it is the latter as I’ve not had that issue with any other clothes. That was unfortunate, my hunt for the perfect pea coat continues...

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