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Tuesday 1 June 2021

Femme Luxe | Active Wear edit | June 2021

How are you fixed for activewear? It's something I have usually shied away from in the past, but since I started doing gyrotonic classes I've found it so much easier to move and observe how I'm doing an exercise when I'm wearing the right clothing. I used to hate how my body curved in and out, but since having children I'm really keen to promote body positivity and ways to keep our bodies healthy.

femme luxe activewear co ord sets

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In this blog post I'm going to be showing you some of my latest activewear and co-ordinate sets from Femme Luxe, and how they can be mixed and matched or worn together...

This one was a bit of a gamble! I've never worn anything like this before and I had no idea how it  would look on my body, or even if it would fit! I've not been brave enough yet this year to try out the bodycon dresses and milkmaid tops trend so I'm not sure why I suddenly decided that a skin tight pair of leggings and a crop top were the way to go, but I think it paid off! Against all odds, they actually fit perfectly and the leggings came up high enough to cover my tummy so that was a win.

I bought these in a size 12 and I am approx 5ft 4" for comparison. 

The white parts of this activewear set were much more see-through than the rest, so I am pleased that the top of the leggings had the speckled print. I decided to wear black knickers under these just so you could see how obvious/hidden they were under the material. 

The crop top does have a circular bit of padding hidden inside the bra area for modesty, they are a little bit obvious once you've noticed them, but not as much as a nipple! They are removeable though. My only slight issue with this top was the side boob! The top is cut quite narrow at the sleeves and so no matter how much adjusting I did, there was always a little bit on show at the sides...I know lots of people quite like this look though! For me, as someone with a smaller chest, it was unexpected. Larger breasts may find they notice it more. (PS, I have no idea what bar size I am anymore, but at a guess I'd say a B cup if you're looking to compare). 

As you can see, the top also works well with alternative trousers if you're looking to change out of your activewear after your class, or commute in something less skin tight!

femme luxe activewear co-ord sets

I absolutely love this jumper! I chose it to throw on as a cover up over the activewear set so that I wasn't walking around bearing it all in any inappropriate places, but it's so comfy and easy to wear just as a general day to day jumper with a pair of jeans too. I think you could dress this one up or down, with heels or flats. it is the perfect 'throw in the bag' for anything kind of top. I'd definitely get this one in other colours - the side split makes it easy for breastfeeding access for new mums too. Nice and roomy with cuffed sleeves, absolute bargain for the price. I am wearing size 10-12.

femme luxe activewear co-ord sets

Not too dissimilar to a grey loungewear set, except just the joggers, I thought these would be perfect for a bit of yoga or stretching as they are super soft and so comfy! As you can see further up the post, I paired these with the crop top but here I am wearing them with a simple, black vest top. 

Size 12 - These were comfortable to wear with enough room to move around. Generous sized pockets and a decent tie on the waist to keep them in place. I decided to get these in a black colour too...

femme luxe activewear co-ord sets

Despite the fact that these are the same size and style as the dark grey, they did feel slightly different on. I definitely felt like these were a bigger size than the grey pair - not massively so, but you may be able to see on the images how the waistband is pulling down slightly at the back. It was harder to keep them tightly in place. They were still comfortable, just a little more 'stretched' around the top I think. A good all-rounder pair of joggers though and very easy to wear.

femme luxe activewear co-ord sets

Overall, I think these sets are brilliant value for money - they wash well, and can be used for all levels of 'active' whether that's out walking, yoga or pilates class or going to the gym. Comfort is definitely key, and having clothing that fits well and doesn't fall down is really important. 

Sarah x 

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