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Thursday 2 February 2023

How to raise kids' self-esteem

Create Your Own Confidence is a brand-new fun and colourful activity book by psychotherapist Becky Goddard-Hill.

The book looks at a variety of issues impacting kids’ confidence and each topic includes an activity for kids to try out and is backed up by science and research. It is full of simple, practical ideas to help children to feel confident, strong and happy. They can try out out power posing, create a control wheel or set mini goals.
picture of book create your own confidence on a blue background with words how to raise kids self esteem

Here Becky shares an extract from the book…

How to raise your self-esteem

Looking at your strengths and recognising how wonderful you are takes practice but if you do this regularly your self-esteem will rise. You never have to wait for someone else to tell you you are fabulous - you can do that.

The activity below helps you know your worth and if you're ever having a self-esteem wobble you can either repeat the activity or read over your answers to boost yourself up.


The self-esteem interview.

Have a go at interviewing yourself. You can write this up, record it on a video or simply do it in private (or with someone else.) This is YOUR confidence journey, so you get to choose:

Here are your questions…. (and don’t hold back, no modesty or shyness required!!)
I love the way I …
I am clever at ….
I feel happy when I …
These people really care about me …
I coped well when …
I am good at …
My friends like me because I …
I can make people laugh by ..
I have a talent for…
I get compliments for …
I like myself because I …

a page within the book 'create your own confidence' with a self esteem interview

Create your own confidence by keeping your self-esteem high

Create Your Own Confidence is published by Harper Collins and is out now

Author bio:  

Becky Goddard-Hill is a psychotherapist and well-being author. She has two teenage kids and lives in Nottingham. She is the author of 12 books by Harper Collins focused on children’s emotional health.

Watch my first thoughts on this book: 

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