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Wednesday 31 January 2024

Revolutionizing Home Decor: The Eco-Friendly, Customizable World of Peel and Paper

Peel and Paper, a revolutionary wallpaper company, is transforming the way we think about interior design. At the heart of their operation is a commitment to eco-friendliness and customization, catering to a new era of conscious consumers. 


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Eco-Friendly Approach

In an industry often criticized for its environmental impact, Peel and Paper stands out. Their inks are VOC-free, water-based, and GREENGUARD GOLD certified. Even their printers are made from recycled ocean plastic, demonstrating a comprehensive approach to sustainability. Plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral shipping further solidify their eco-friendly ethos. Significantly, with every order, a tree is planted, intertwining customer engagement with environmental stewardship.

Customization and Variety

Customization is central to the Peel and Paper experience. Customers can tweak each design to their liking, including a unique feature to input custom HEX color codes for a truly personalized touch. The range of paper types – from the easy-to-use peel and stick, to traditional and heavy-grade vinyl options – ensures versatility for various interior needs. Furthermore, the availability of samples allows customers to experiment with color and design combinations before committing.


The Best-Selling ‘Priscilla’ Wallpaper

‘Priscilla’, the best-selling wallpaper, epitomizes the brand’s appeal. Featuring white botanical floral outlines against a sage green background, its beauty lies in its simplicity and the option for color customization. Like all their wallpapers, ‘Priscilla’ is a testament to the company’s commitment to personalization and style.

The Art of Peel and Stick Wallpaper

The peel and stick wallpaper is a standout product. It eliminates the mess and complexity of traditional wallpaper application, offering a hassle-free, user-friendly alternative. It’s easily removable too, making it ideal for renters or those who enjoy frequently changing their decor.


Worldwide Shipping and Accessibility

With worldwide shipping, Peel and Paper’s reach is global. This accessibility ensures that customers around the world can enjoy their unique, eco-friendly wallpapers, breaking geographical barriers in the home decor industry.

Design Innovation and Creativity

Regularly adding new designs, Peel and Paper fosters a culture of innovation and creativity. Their design process is dynamic, continuously evolving to meet the latest trends and customer preferences, ensuring a fresh and diverse catalog.

User Experience and Website Navigation

The Peel and Paper website is a key part of the customer experience. It's designed for easy navigation, allowing users to effortlessly customize colors and explore different designs. This user-friendly approach extends to the entire customer journey, from browsing to purchase.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Customer feedback is integral to Peel and Paper. Testimonials and reviews are prominently featured, reflecting the company's commitment to community engagement and continuous improvement based on customer input.

Impact of Eco-Friendly Materials on Home Environment

The use of eco-friendly materials has a significant impact on the home environment. VOC-free wallpapers contribute to healthier indoor air quality, making Peel and Paper products not just aesthetically pleasing but also beneficial for well-being.

Comparative Analysis with Traditional Wallpapers

Compared to traditional wallpapers, Peel and Paper’s offerings stand out for their ease of application, eco-friendliness, and customization options. This comparison underscores the advantages of peel and stick wallpapers in modern home decor.

Future Endeavors and Company Vision

Looking forward, Peel and Paper is committed to expanding its range of eco-friendly, customizable wallpapers. Their vision is to be at the forefront of sustainable home decor, continuously innovating while maintaining environmental integrity.


Peel and Paper is more than just a wallpaper company; it's a pioneer in sustainable, customizable home decor. With their eco-friendly approach, commitment to customization, and global reach, they offer a unique and conscious choice for interior design enthusiasts.


1. What makes Peel and Paper’s wallpapers eco-friendly?

Peel and Paper wallpapers are eco-friendly due to their VOC-free, water-based inks, use of recycled materials in production, and sustainable practices like plastic-free packaging and carbon-neutral shipping.

2. Can I customize the color of any wallpaper design?

Yes, all Peel and Paper wallpaper designs are customizable. You can choose from their color palette or use a custom HEX code for a personalized color.

3. Are samples available for all wallpaper designs?

Yes, Peel and Paper offers samples for all their wallpaper designs, allowing customers to test out color and design combinations before making a purchase.

4. What are the different types of wallpaper offered by Peel and Paper?

Peel and Paper offers three types of wallpapers: peel and stick (self-adhesive), traditional (paste the wall), and heavy-grade peel and stick (waterproof vinyl).

5. How does Peel and Paper contribute to environmental sustainability?

Peel and Paper contributes to environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly materials, implementing sustainable manufacturing practices, and engaging in initiatives like planting a tree for every order sold.

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