Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Arthurwears green baby bodysuit

baby green bodysuit cardigan
100 organic merino wool bodysuit - Naturebaby
Grey chords - the Hema
Jumper- hand knitted

The Naturebaby body suit is a real treat - soft and 100% organic made from merino wool. Machine wash at 30 degrees (it did, however, survive an accidental 40 wash!)

Arthurwears green...

100 organic merino wool bodysuit - Naturebaby
Grey chords - the Hema
Jumper- hand knitted

The Naturebaby body suit is a real treat - soft and 100% organic made from merino wool. Machine wash at 30 degrees (it did, however, survive an accidental 40 wash!)

Arthurwears being worn...in a baby sling / carrier- Ergobaby

baby sling ergobaby
Ergobaby 360 carrier
Liberty slings stretch sling in navy

Arthur has enjoyed being worn in a sling since he was a week old. Like many babies he suffered from reflux and the 'fourth trimester' need to be held close. Keeping baby in an upright position after feeding can really help with reflux and wind and increases the bond between mother/father and baby by encouraging skin to skin contact. This helps your little one to regulate their body temperature, breathing and heart rate.

Young babies should only be worn facing inwards with their head fully supported. 

During the day at home, and whilst Arthur was small I wore him in a stretch sling which was comfortable so sit and lie back in, isn't too rigid and allowed you to stroke your baby through the material. The sling was so easy to use, I would have it on ready over my clothes and just popped Arthur in whenever he needed a cuddle or whenever I needed both hands!

For trips out - or travelling (we carried Arthur in a sling at the airport rather than a pushchair) we chose the Ergobaby 360 carrier. When he was small we used the new baby insert (pictured).
The Ergobaby can be worn on the front facing in or out, on the back (we have yet to master this!) or on the side/hip.
Arthur loves to face outwards so he can watch the world and see what we are up to... If he gets tired I simply adjust the buttons and turn him around.

Both of these style of slings have been used by Mummy and Daddy!

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Arthurwears at the beach...baby swimsuit

baby swimsuit
Water baby stripes onesie swimsuit - M&S

This is a great was to keep your little man sun safe whilst on holiday - we used this by the pool and at the beach. It does come with a matching Lycra hat, but we found it to be a little too tight on Arthur's head so we opted for a cotton cap of the same style to protect his head, ears and neck.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Arthurwears The Laughing Cow...

The Laughing Cow cheese triangle

Yummy! Arthur loves to try and feed himself - this cheese snack is perfect for little fingers to grasp and hold yet still soft enough to be eaten easily!

Arthurwears at home - cotton chinos

baby cotton chinos
Blue vest - H&M
Blue elasticated waist cotton chinos-M&S

This outfit is great for Arthur to practise his crawling! The chinos are soft on his knees and have plenty of room. We have turned them up here and there is still room for him to grow. Arthur likes to feel the material with his hands! 
The vest again, is soft and comfortable and the poppers around the nappy ensure it stays tucked in! 

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Arthurwears at bedtime - bundler and sleeping bag

baby bundler sleepbag
Marks and Spencer cotton bundler
Grobag sleeping bag

Trying to find the perfect bedtime outfit has been trial and error! We think we have the perfect combination here - a cotton bundler underneath a sleeping bag.
This combination allows wriggly babies who don't like to be too restricted to have the freedom of their feet and legs to allow babies to move around whilst still keeping warm. The cotton bundler has an elasticated bottom to keep it snug under the feet and both the bundler and the grobag allow for an easy nappy change without too much disturbance!
In warmer weather we either just remove the sleeping bag and  keep the bundle on or put #Arthurwears to sleep in a vest under his sleeping bag. 
Bedtime in hot countries requires a sleeveless low tog sleeping bag to keep baby cool by wicking away moisture from the skin.

Arthurwears ... On his skin...Weleda baby

weleda baby
Weleda baby shampoo and body wash

Arthur loves bath time! His skin is sensitive as he is so young so we use organic baby products such as #weleda calendula baby wash and shampoo. The products smell lovely and the range includes a creme bath, nappy cream, baby oil and face cream too. Amazing products, mummy has been known to use them too! Here he is enjoying his bath!

Arthurwears baby shoes

baby shoes
Florence & Fred at Tesco

These little shoes are great for tiny feet when out and about - Arthur isn't yet walking as he's only 6 months but he loves to stand and try and take steps whilst holding on. These shoes have a lovely soft sole with a bit of grip so they feet to tiny feet without a squash! Easy to slip on and off which is perfect if your little man is a wriggler!

Arthurwears navy and denim

baby navy top

#Arthurwears M&S navy pure cotton pique body suit and pure cotton ribbed waistband denim jeans

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Arthurwears at an evening wedding reception

baby wedding outfit

We had a fabulous time at the Brolly wedding, and after eating his dinner and heckling the groom (his future godfather!) during his wedding speech, Arthur settled down to admire the amazing flower garden behind him! The temperature had started to drop a little so we wrapped him up in this gorgeous double breasted #Petit Bateau cardigan with a hood. 
Who ever said only the Bride should wear white?

Arthurwears CoCoCover....

I was absolutely delighted when the CoCoCover lace coverup arrived by Tiffany Foreshaw - Arthur has been breastfed since birth, and although this has occurred freely and on demand, I am always looking for ways to incorporate a  bit of style into the proceedings rather than just using a good old muslin cloth! This lace cover up could also be used as a scarf and as a shoulder cover when Arthur was not breastfeeding. He loved the feel of the fabric and the lace material meant that he was still able to see and breathe freely should he pull the cover over his head whilst feeding. It also comes in lots of different colours!

 cococover breastfeeding

Arthurwears at the weekend...

Striped vest - H&M
Pink chinos - mamas and papas

Arthurwears...baby boy suspenders

Trousers with suspenders are a fab, on trend way to dress your little man right now. They can be worn over the shoulders or hanging down depending on the age of your child and the look you are going for!

As mentioned in a previous post and in my 'favourite outfits' section - we are loving the pink chinos with suspenders from mamas and papas at the moment.

H&M now sell suspenders separately so you can add them to his existing trousers (brilliant!) I think their range of tweed hats would finish off the look nicely...

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