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Saturday 17 June 2017

Arthur's bedroom interiors - with a little help from Miffy

A few weeks ago I wrote all about decorating Arthur's bedroom - This is definitely still a work in progress, and I suspect that by the time we have totally finished it, it will be time to move Arthur into a new room and put his new sibling in there (thankfully the room is very gender neutral!).  The bedroom has a neutral colour palette with greys and whites to mimic a calming sky-like environment, with designs so far focusing on stars, clouds and aeroplanes. 

There are still a few key pieces to source, such as curtains and theme appropriate cot-bed bedding - the problem here being that Arthur has a cot-bed sized duvet, but a regular sized pillow! I have also struggled to find bedding which is 100% cotton which we prefer....again, perhaps I should just wait now until we buy him a regular sized single bed!?

I love the little extra touches we have added over the last few weeks. Arthur's Daddy was born and raised in Holland, and his grandparents (my parents in law) still live over there, so Miffy (or Nijntje as she is called in Holland) created by Dutch artist Dick Bruna has always had a special place in our home!
 We already had a few Miffy pieces for Arthur, such as books, toys, comforter....but we were recently sent this coat hook and snow globe from the UK Miffy Shop and I think they fit his bedroom theme of aeroplanes and stars really well...

Thursday 8 June 2017

Midwife in a Box from The Natural Birthing Company

Pregnancy - it's supposed to be one of the most natural things in the world, but it doesn't always feel that way does it?? The stress and strain of growing a new life can take its toll on your body and it doesn't necessarily stop once your bundle of joy arrives. From engorgement and soreness to low milk supply....stitches and tears to scar tissue and stretch-marks ...and hot flushes to swelling... the natural birthing company has developed a solution to help make the whole process feel a little more 'natural' and manageable.

Midwife in a box the natural birthing company

I have been lucky enough to try out their 'midwife in a box' which includes their perineal massage oil called 'down below', postnatal compress solution called 'pure bliss', 3 breastfeeding oils called 'bosom buddies' and their cooling body spritz called 'cool it mama' - all wrapped up in a gorgeous box along with 2 cotton organic flannels and some directions and advice on perineal massage.

Saturday 3 June 2017

Father's Day 2017 Gift Guide - 7 gift ideas and giveaway

Well the day is almost upon us - Father's Day: Sunday 18th June 2017 - where we celebrate the role models in our lives who play a Father figure to us or our children. Of course, this isn't always 'Daddy' - it might be Grandpa, Uncle, Brother, partner, family friend or anyone else who helps us, looks after us and deserves a little bit of recognition and spoiling on a special day. 

Father's Day 2017 gift guide

The problem is, it can be hard sometimes to find unique and thoughtful gifts. I've always liked the idea of affordable Father's Day presents so that when Arthur is a little older he can use his own pocket money to carry on the tradition, but at the same time, it is also nice to be a little bit more indulgent!

Whatever your preference, I've compiled a Father's Day Gift Guide List below with lots of lovely ideas for that special person - some with a nice little twist on the old favourites!

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