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Monday 29 April 2024

School readiness – preparing your child for Reception Class

School readiness…its something you’ll probably hear quite a lot if you have a child who is preparing to start Reception Class in September, but what does it actually mean??

school readiness - preparing your child for reception class

How can we, as parents, make sure that we are helping and not hindering when preparing our 4 year olds for big school?

Most of my Teaching career was spent teaching Reception, and so this is something I thought long and hard about when passing on information to Parents. What would I hope, as their Teacher, they could do already? What sort of things would I discuss in the Parents meetings for new starters? Where would my expectations be bearing in mind I don’t yet know the children or what level they are at?

Its not what you might expect….

Exploring the Link between Allergies and a Sore Throat

Imagine you wake up one morning ready to take on the day, but the back of your throat hurts and feels scratchy. The culprit? A sore throat. But what if I told you that allergies could make this unpleasant experience even more uncomfortable? In this blog post, we will learn how allergies and sore throats are connected.

Exploring the Link between Allergies and Sore Throat

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