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Friday 25 August 2023

Planning our Summer holiday 2023

It’s been almost 5 years since our last proper summer holiday. We went to Spain in 2018 when Charlotte was still a baby and the world was a very different place! Throw in a few years of Covid lockdowns, a new summer born baby, a new house and a partial renovation … the chance of a holiday was way out of our grasp. 

planning our summer holiday

After losing my lovely Nanna last year (the day after the Queen passed), we decided that we wanted to focus more on family experiences this year - going to new places, doing things together and absolutely having a summer holiday. I’d been saving for the last few years and used most of my maternity allowance as our budget for going away. I was pretty sure that once I’d given birth, I’d find it harder to undertake my usual work and so wanted to get used to living without the security of my wage ‘just in case’. You can use various financial calculators to help plan your finances if you wish. We made sacrifices in lots of areas of our life in order to cut our spending (I stopped having my hair coloured and highlighted and embraced the grey for a start!) and so thankfully, we were finally able to book somewhere to go...

Friday 18 August 2023

Back to school uniform ideas for home and school

When I was at primary school, we didn’t have a school uniform and so your everyday clothes for home were also your clothes for school. These days, you’d be hard pushed to find a school which doesn’t have a uniform requirement, and so finding the best quality and also affordable school uniform items which will last is really important.
back to school uniform ideas with very.co.uk

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 In this blog post, I will be showcasing some back to school uniform options from Very, BUT I will also be showing you how to utilise these pieces outside of school, mixing and matching them with everyday wear to make the most of your child’s wardrobe and maximise use of clothing so that your budget goes further and your washing pile gets smaller…

First Day of School Poem

It's here. Now’s the time. I tell myself I’ll be fine
Its your first day of school, a new book, a new line
But one day you were here every day of the week,
playing with toys, reading books, hide and seek
Now those little legs skip on the pavement to class, as your hand fits in mine - but I hold it like glass...

A Poem for your First Day of School ...

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