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Monday 24 October 2022

Paj finder GPS child tracker review

Have you ever thought you’d lost your child? Or thought that your child had gone missing? We have been in that situation and nothing prepares you for the absolute panic that washes over you. It’s like the world suddenly moves in slow motion, everything goes quiet apart from the deafening sound of your own heartbeat banging hard against your chest. Your brain loses the ability to process your actions as you focus on your one objective of finding your child. In that moment, you wish that you had a sense of where they were, that you could just look on your phone and track them via their phone…except little children don’t have phones do they?

 paj gps child vehicle tracker review

Disclosure: Paid partnership in return for an honest review

When Paj got in touch and asked me if I would like to try out their GPS tracker for children, which can also be used as a GPS vehicle tracker,  I jumped at the chance. I’ve always wondered how well they work, and if they’re worth it. Arthur is now wanting a little more independence too so the timing was perfect. I’ve been given a 6 month subscription to the tracker, which I’ve been testing and will give you a little more info below…but first, back to the story of how we (thought) we’d lost Arthur when he was 3 years old…

Friday 7 October 2022

Sensory Tray Play Ideas

Are you looking for ideas and activities for your tray play, tuff tray and sensory play? This blog post links to LOTS of sensory tray play activities for you to try. Simply scroll down, find the activity you like and click on the link to go to the full blog post with all of the information and resources needed.  Have a read of our complete guide to tuff trays if you need some more info first!

sensory tray play ideas

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