Monday, 18 January 2016

Mums on Facebook! (That's us btw...)

embarrassing facebook photo

I will admit right now, the title of this blog post is actually stolen from a comment one of my NCT/mummy friends made whilst we were all trying to organise a night out (through Facebook-obviously!) and until this point, not once in the last year had it even occurred to me that I am now one of 'them' - you know, *whispers* "mums on Facebook!"

Let's not pretend either that this is mutually exclusive to facebook - I am now also part of the ridiculed collective accused of such atrocities as mum dancing, mum jokes, ( not as bad as dad dancing or dad jokes though!) mums drinking wine, mums on social media and oh my god I'm a mum and I still sleep with my husband (13 year old self *shudders*).

mum dancing embarrassing
(This is what happens when you combine mums drinking wine with mums dancing...)

I am not entirely sure how this happened...One minute I am at university studying for my undergrad degree - one of the few students eligible to use Facebook, because we are talking about 'back in the day' when Facebook was brand spanking new and only students with a ".ac uk" university or college email address could register.

Somewhere between then and now, Facebook changed its rules so that pretty much anyone can have a page and suddenly it's the new 'friends reunited' and your Mum, Dad, Aunty, Uncle possibly even your granny have joined and want to be friends...

I should pause there and say that my mum IS on Facebook, we are friends and she is probably (most definitely reading this)....I'm just glad I was over the age of 18 when she joined because I can imagine it must be mortifying being 14 and reading about your mum's "sexual horoscope" on your news feed and realising that she does in fact use all of the swear words she taught you not to.

(at this point I would love to add a recent snap of my mum caught in the rain with a scarf around her head to save her hair from going frizzy whilst simultaneously  flipping me the finger, but she really wouldn't ever forgive me!)

mums on facebook embarrassing
Instead, i'll post this - which she put on her wall and looks very similar!

So,  how can I make sure I don't become (now or in the future) the kind of mum on Facebook that kids on Facebook refuse to be Facebook friends with? I have some ideas...I'll revisit this post in ten years and see if I stuck to it!

  1. Don't write such things on your child's wall as "I told you to tidy your room", or "why are you on Facebook you are supposed to be doing your homework"
  2.  Don't post or tag your kids in embarrassing photos ...
  3.  Don't Facebook stalk their love interests
  4.  Make sure you always use opportunities for timehop posts by sharing photos from years ago of you looking hot and having fun - don't let anyone forget that you haven't always been this tired/grey/fat/boring...or maybe this is actually an embarrassing no-no??
  5.  Don't tag yourself in any inappropriate places which may give the impression that you do anything that real mums are not supposed to do (according to their children) such as: " Facebook mum is - in my bed - with @facebookDad #feelingexcited"
  6.  Never ever drink and 'Facebook' your child: "ghellop my lovelyu son rthis is mummy dop you know howq much I lovvve you? Dontr ever forgety I made you so youare mine frever love youuuuu"
  7.  Don't start adding all of his/her friends as your friends
  8.  Even though you will really want to, you must resist liking
  9.  Never ever ever moan about them on a public forum where they or others who know them may read it "grrrrr! If I have to pick up one more stinking sock or one more pair of skiddy boxers!...."
  10.  And NEVER include status updates about certain 'milestones' that they really won't want making public. For example "Ahhhh my baby girl started her periods today - growing up!"

Another embarrassing example of mums on Facebook... 

Now I realise as I wrote this list, I am doing so from the perspective of a parent who does NOT have older children, and to those of you who do, this may read a little bit like the list I made before I got pregnant of things I'd never do when I had a baby. You know the one:

  1. I will not pick them up when they cry
  2.  I will never use a dummy
  3. They will sleep ONLY in their cot, where I will place them and leave them and they will just fall asleep
  4.  I will never co-sleep
  5.  I will only ever feed them homemade organic food

I did ALL of these (and that's okay!) I'm a bit embarrassed I even came up with this list in the first place, so maybe I'll feel the same one day about my Facebook list!? - feel free to put me straight if you think so, I'll probably need all the help I can get!

mother and baby
My wonderful Mum, and me. x

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  1. Ha ha a brilliant post! I've recently become a Mum and with a combined love of Facebook I can see this is a sign of things to come :-) xx #KCACOLS

    1. It's scary isn't it?! Almost knowing who/what you will probably become... Lol!

  2. This was so fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha Ha! Ido have older children and am under strict instructions about what I am allowed to comment or post on - I am never to like any of their photos and I have to agree every single photo before sharing - exceptionally dull! #twinklytuesday

    1. Maybe this is the only way to get it right - get the kids to write the list!! X

  4. There's nothing wrong with being a mum on Facebook! #twinklytuesday

  5. As technology moves on mums just have to find new ways to embarrass their offspring - how will all their friends know you've made them give you a kiss and a hug before going somewhere unless you post photos? ;) It always cracks me up in work because most of my colleagues are in their 60s and 70s, and they'll say things like, 'my grandson showed me the Facebook, do you know anything about that?' Hehe. #KCACOLS

    1. The it! That will be us one day but with something else!!

  6. I really can't help myself!I know this is my future because I love social media and I love talking about my children so when the two combine I am bound to be embarrassing at some point. That's a beautiful picture of you and your mum :) #KCACOLS

    1. I suspect I will be the same... Based on the fact I have a blog named after my son lol!!

  7. I really can't help myself!I know this is my future because I love social media and I love talking about my children so when the two combine I am bound to be embarrassing at some point. That's a beautiful picture of you and your mum :) #KCACOLS

  8. Great photo! This post made me laugh. We all turn into our mothers anyway haha ;) So I'm sure I will end up being as embarrassing as my mum was! I enjoyed reading this :) #KCACOLS

  9. haha this post made me laugh!! It is very funny!! I think I will definitely become one of those mums in the future. I don't think I will be able to content myself!! lol Let's see what the next invent in terms of technology is. I'm sure our kids will be in that new cool app and we will still be using facebook!! How crazy is that!! ;-) Lovely photos. The one of you with y your mum is so cool and the one of you with your twin is so cute!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I would love to see you again on Sunday! :-) x


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