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Thursday 15 March 2018

What's in my Makeup Bag?

Strictly speaking, this blog post should probably be entitled 'What's in my Makeup bag number 22...today'. I'm not even sure if I could fit all of my makeup into 22 makeup bags, but it seemed like a good guess as I stood in front of my makeup cabinet this morning and tried to estimate. I can almost hear the chuckle of my husband right now, sat at his desk 14 miles away, shaking his head at my lack of spatial awareness. He would probably describe the scenario as 'at capacity'. I would say, 'still room for more'....

Arthurwears What's in my makeup bag

Anyway, it would indeed take me days, possibly months to tell you about  everything in my makeup bag so I have basically just picked out the products I am wearing today. You'll probably have realised by now that I have a bit of an obsession with bareMInerals makeup and I love a natural look. Thanks to Nicola from Mummy to Dex for tagging me. Here is what's in my makeup bag today...


 My face has been a little dry lately with the cold weather and the central heating and this complexion rescue from bareMinerals is just a dream on your skin. Its a natural coverage and gives a nice glow with a dewy finish and is really hydrating. You can see a photo of how this looks during my complexion makeover at Ilkley Beauty Clinic here. I use the vanilla shade and this has lasted me a really long time. If you need more coverage you can apply their powders over the top as well. I like their blemish remedy powder if I'm having a bad skin day.

bareMinerals complexion rescue

I couldn't live without my 'well rested' concealer from bareMinerals. It's great for paler sin tones and is amazing under the eyes even if you are a little darker. I use the specially designed brush to apply it under my eyes, around my nose and under my mouth where I get the most redness. This bareMinerals Stroke of Light highlighting concealer is great o the outer and inner corners of the eyes to minimise shadows. I also use it on my cheekbones and cupids bow to give a bit of natural light.

bareMinerals well rested and stroke of light


My eyebrows are a nightmare - I hardly have any. I chop an change which products I use and they HAVE to be a cool tone, I hate to have a warm, orangey undertone to my eyebrow products. This brow powder duo from Anastasia Beverly Hills in medium brown is a fab neutral tone. I use the lighter shade in the palette.

Anastasia Beverly Hills medium brown brow duo powder


This powder palette from bareMinerals is actually quite subtle. When I bought it I thought it was going to be a really pigmented highlighter set but that's not how it looks on the skin. It gives a nice bit of light and colour and so I usually use one of the pink shades on my cheeks.

bareMinerals highlighter powder palette


I rarely wear black mascara these days as I think it can look a little harsh on my pale colouring so I am always looking for a good quality mascara which comes in a brown shade. Chanel do this amazing mascara - Le Volume De Chanel which is a true brown, rather than a brown/black and the brush is great for adding volume, curl and definition. Its a bit pricey but totally worth it. Also worth mentioning is the Barboleta lash serum if you're looking to nourish and enhance your lashes. 

Le Volume De Chanel brown mascara

I used to have a fab little eyeliner in a pale lilac shade by Chanel in a shade called 'Beryl'. Naturally it was discontinued, and after I managed to buy all of the last ones being sold on ebay I had to source an alternative. This isn't quite the same but I love the effect of this on the eyes. I bought it in a shop in Spain and it is called Eye Lighter Contour in shade blue illusion by IsaDora. I use it on the inner corners of my eyes and on the waterline to make me look more awake and refreshed!

IsaDora eye lighter pecil


This is usually the last thing I do and I rarely have time to reapply too! It's a bit tricky with a baby as I dish out LOADS of kisses so I cant really wear too much lipstick but this matte Gen nude lip from bareMinerals in shade Swag is great and really natural. This was a sample and I am definitely going to buy the full size!

bareMinerals swag gen nude matte lip

I hope you've enjoyed reading all about what is in my makeup bag. I am now passing on the tag and nominating Nadia from Scandimummy.

Sarah x 

NB: Click on the product names to open a link of where to buy these products. Some of these links are Amazon Affiliate links which means that I may earn commission on any sales even though it wont cost you any more.

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