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The Rainbow Fish Activities for EYFS

Using props and activities to bring a story to life can not only help to instill a love of reading and excitement around a book, but it also helps little minds to understand and follow a storyline better. 
The Rainbow Fish Activities for EYFS

  In the year when we saw Niall from Love Island 2018 talk about his ‘rainbow fish’ and seemingly describe a completely different moral to the story, here are a few activities that should hopefully help your little ones pick out the right message and also retain the plot of the book!

The Rainbow Fish Activities for EYFS

The moral of the story of the Rainbow fish is one all about the merits of sharing and giving to others.

The Rainbow Fish scales

Story props for The Rainbow Fish:

(click on the images below for pricing info and to buy from amazon - affiliate links - these will work for USA and UK)


We read the story at home using story props which were then available for loose parts play and story reenactment afterwards.

You can buy an actual rainbow fish puppet from Amazon UK here and these gems with fish scales on top were great for ‘giving away’ as we progressed through the story.  (NB: United States readers click here for products, and you can find my US amazon store here)


Malleable area - The Rainbow Fish Playdough:

The gems (above) can also be added to your playdough area, alongside rainbow coloured dough for children to make their own rainbow fish. You could make laminated fish templates and playdough boards to help the children when making their own fish. Include images and photocopies of the book pages to support story language and retelling the story. With an adult scaffolding, there are lots of opportunities for discussing numbers, noticing differences, observing how children retell the story etc.  

Understanding the World -  Real Fish investigation

To add a bit of knowledge about the world around us and some sensory play you can plan in a fish investigation like we did and source a real whole fish from your local fish counter (ideally one with shiny scales) to investigate. Have a look at how we got on when we investigated a real fish a few weeks ago:


PSED - celebrating sharing with Rainbow Fish scales plus mark making and display opportunity:

Make ‘scales’ out of shiny card and use them to notice and write down when your child does something kind, thinks of others or shares something that they have. Add the scales to a rainbow fish display for others to see and to celebrate good sharing. Have the scales available for the children to use themselves for mark making and talking to you about things they or others have done well. You can read the scales out at the end of the day or during circle time as real life examples of how to share and be kind.

Rainbow Fish Sensory Play:

Why not set up an Under the sea sensory tray with blue spaghetti or slime,  toy fish and scales/sequins to act out the story. You can add in numbers or letters to enhance learning depending on what your focus is. If you would like some examples of how to use language and questioning appropriately within sensory play have a look at my post on language and sensory play here. 

We will also be setting up a tuff tray soon, linked into the story - I will post some images here once they are complete! Perhaps you have some images to share yourself? Why not pop over to my child development activities group on Facebook here and post your photos and ideas?

I have lots of other sensory tuff tray ideas in my posy 19 tuff tray activities for open ended play, and this frog pond tuff tray can easily be used as a fish pond tray too! 

Literacy and Mark Making using the Rainbow Fish:

Here are some ideas for mark making using the rainbow fish story...
  • Big mark making opportunities by painting on large sheets of tin foil either covering the table or covering a wall.
  • Independent fish scale writing as above
  • For EYFS focus on the pre-requisites to writing, such as working on the gross motor skills by using a parachute or a silver foil, space blanket to make big waves ( working the arm and chest muscles) or, use rainbow ribbons on sticks outside for larger movements in the air.

The Rainbow Fish

Water area - Maths:

Having foam ‘numbered’ fish in the water tray which the children can ‘go fishing’ for.

Rainbow coloured water beads will make an extra sensory experience in the water tray, and as an added line of enquiry - they also look quite a lot like fish roe!!

Speaking of fish roe, we made some lovely sensory frog spawn for our lifecycle of a frog tuff tray here, if you would like to use some of those ideas for your rainbow fish tuff tray - the children loved how slimy it was, and there are 3 different options, including basil seeds frog spawn!

The Rainbow Fish puppet

What else have you tried which has worked well?

Sarah x

You can find more activity ideas in my post 19 tuff tray activities for open ended play

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  1. Lovely ideas, thank you! I think I’ll use some of the suggestions here but adapt for a different story xx

  2. Some great ideas here. My little girl loves the rainbow fish! #KCACOLS

  3. These ideas are ingenious! I'll definitely be using some with my son. #KCACOLS

  4. These are all such lovely ideas. We got this book out of the library recently and all really enjoyed it, and the message of giving and finding joy in making other people happy. x #KCACOLS

  5. Some lovely ideas here, The Rainbow Fish is a great story for early years. I love those beads for using in playdough, think I'll try that one. #KCACOLS

  6. Again, such lovely ideas for learning alongside a beautiful book. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time

  7. I love these idea and aren't the fish pretty? So many ways to learn without them realising. #kcacols

  8. Such a great story, I would love to have heard what was said on Love Island!! We made some great play dough fish and stuck on sequins as scales and googly eyes. The kids loved it! #KCACOLS


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