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Wednesday 10 April 2019

The sleepless family - an experiment in better quality sleep

Disclosure: We were sent the Dream Pillow, JuveRest pillow and Sleep Master mask in return for an honest trial and review. 
Sleep. It's hard to come by as a parent of small ones isn't it?

When we have enough of it, we can do pretty much anything. When we don't have enough of it, the opposite is true. Lack of sleep affects our diet, our mental health, our physical health and the ability to be the best version of ourselves. Its the reason I've sat in front of this laptop many a time, unable to type a single word. Its almost certainly to blame for the extra lines on my face and probably a few bad choices I've made along the way.

JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow, Lamby dream pillow, Sharky dream pillow and Sleep Masters sleep pillow Review and experiment

If you are a parent you will understand the helplessness and lack of control you feel when you really want to sleep, but you can't because your child is awake. When they are small, things like Colic or Reflux can play a big part. As they grow, separation anxiety sets in and you may find yourself asking the question like I did here: Should I give in and try controlled crying?  Bigger still and nightmares can impact on the quality of their sleep.

Add in lighter evenings, lighter mornings, snoring partners and aches and pains - its a wonder we manage any sleep at all to be honest!

In order to help combat some of these sleep issues, we have been trying out some sleeping aids ( which will work wonderfully along side these three sleep solutions I have written about previously) for us and for the children. You may also be interested in learning this pillow manifestation technique.

The Dream pillow for children,  the JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow and the Sleep Master Sleep Mask.

All of these products are available from Amazon using the links above, or, if you would like a 20% discount you can shop on Etsy here using the code: Arthurwears

Would you like to watch an unboxing video of these products over on YouTube? have a quick visit here:

Now, let's  start with the children, because we all know that without them being safely in the land of nod, we have no chance:

The Dream Pillow for children:

Original Dream Pillow, Lamby dream pillow, Sharky dream pillow and the dream pillow notelets

Whether you choose the Original Dream Pillow, the Lamby Dream Pillow or the Sharky Dream Pillow, the idea behind this creation and the intention is exactly the same: Creating positive imagery for children before they go to bed, by thinking about, visualising and writing down what they want to dream about in order to stop bad dreams from happening!

By repeating this bedtime routine with your child every night over a period of time, not only will it promote positive thinking, but it also aids communication between parent and child within a safe and structured way. We are at that awkward stage with Arthur where most questions about what he is thinking and feeling are met with a reluctance to talk because he feels like he is being tested or interrogated ( he isn't, I promise!). By having this focused time together in the evening, he is much more willing to open up about things he wants to think about ... and perhaps things he doesn't...because of course, he is writing this note not for me, but for his Sharky Dream Pillow!

My children have never been great sleepers - Arthur especially! He gets very anxious at night time and both children end up in our room before the night is through. We had noticed an increase in nightmares lately - imagined monsters called 'scampers' he thought were coming into his room to get him, insects trying to eat him and...(wait for it)...sharks trying to bite him. I KNOW. You're probably wondering why on earth we got him the shark pillow?? Well first of all, he saw it, fell in love with it and decided this was the Dream Pillow for him. Secondly, let's turn his idea of a shark from something which bites you in your sleep, to something soft, huggable and friendly who helps you have good dreams!

It seems to be working. We've been using the pillows for a couple of weeks now and there has been a BIG improvement on the dream front. Both Arthur and Charlotte love to snuggle up with their Dream Pillows at bedtime, and I do think that the characters really help to increase that special bond too! Charlotte usually has a little snuggly soft blanket with a tiny lamb attached, so the Lamby Dream Pillow was the perfect choice for her and she was OVERJOYED to have something new to cuddle along with Arthur. 

As an EYFS Teacher it would be impossible for me not to mention the other added benefit of this Dream Pillow routine which is: MARK MAKING!!!

Yes, Arthur now wants to write his own dream note every night. You can see in one of the images above, he used his phonics knowledge to write "DADY", "MUMY", "PAUL VIZiT" - This is because he wanted to dream about being Daddy, dream about being Mummy and then dream about his Uncle Paul coming to visit one day.

Charlotte has also been insisting on writing her own notes too - she loves to hold the pen and make marks on the notelets and put it inside her pillow. Of course, she is too young to fully grasp the concept of the Dream Pillow, but she loves to be involved and copy her big brother!

The word 'pillow' is slightly misleading as these don't have to be used as a traditional pillow, children can also put their hands inside and hug them like a soft toy. 

The Original Dream Pillow is not a character, but it is made of the same super soft material and also comes with a book which you can read with your child to help aid ideas and discussions around good and bad dreams! - You can enter the competition below to win one yourself, or, if you would prefer the Lamby or Sharky pillow - head straight over to Etsy for a 20% discount using the code above.

The Sleep Master Sleep Mask:

Sleep Master sleep mask in teal blue being worn by Sarah from Arthurwears and Arthur

I have been searching for a long time for a sleep mask that is cut high enough over the nose to not aggravate me when I sleep. I don't know what it is, but I have a real aversion to anything touching the top of my actual nose when I am trying to sleep, so this is perfect! The material is a silky, soft satin material, with lots of padding to block out the light and the sound. It comes with ear plugs (if you so wish) and the adjustable velcro strap means it works for even tiny heads like Arthur...that's right, night 1 and my Sleep Master sleep mask was used by my 4 year old! When I can manage to wrestle this out of his hands, it works a treat at blocking out the light - especially now that the mornings and evenings are getting lighter!

This is also a favourite of celebs like Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame! Incidentally, there are certain friends who used to call me Hermione, so I do feel this product and I were really meant to be!

JuveRest The Sleep Wrinkle Pillow with cover:

JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow in cover and box illustrations of use

The JuveRest Sleep Wrinkle Pillow aims to reduce facial distortion by 1700% What does this mean?? Basically, it stops your face and skin getting squished and compressed against your pillow when you sleep, which can cause wrinkles. The contours of the foam pillow are there to help support your neck and head, both lying on your back and on your side.

This could also be helpful for those with sensitive skin or those who are prone to break outs due to the lack of contact with the pillow.

As someone who suffers from painful shoulders, neck and head - I was really keen to see whether this pillow had any additional benefits here - it is supposed to promote correct neck and back alignment with the support it offers.

The pillow does come with its own cover, but it is recommended that you put your own pillow case over the top too. I use a pure silk pillowcase like this one here as it is much better for my skin and hair and I wanted to increase the anti-wrinkle benefits!

I found this pillow incredibly comfortable and supportive when sleeping on my back - my neck felt really supported and I wasn't having a constant battle trying to plump up my pillow in the middle of the night after it had gone flat! I usually sleep in a position which can only be described as 'half on my back, half on my side' as a sort of 45 degree angle! The pillow helped to keep me supported whilst I slept, and I did notice a distinct reduction in facial contact with the pillow compared to usual.

As I am still breastfeeding, I do have to sleep/lie on my side throughout the night when co-sleeping with Charlotte. I had started to notice that I was waking up with lines on my face, and cheeks where my face was squished up in the night. Since using the JuveRest pillow I haven't had this issue. 


All in all, these products have worked really well. Granted, my own sleep is still pretty much out of my control until my children start to sleep better, but the Dream Pillow has really helped to improve the quality ( or contentment!) of Arthur's sleep which is a good step in the right direction. I'll definitely keep using these products and if you would like to get your hands on some yourself, you can either order via the links above or enter the competition below (now closed):

JuveRest sleep wrinkle pillow, sleep master sleep mask, dream pillow giveaway competition

Don't forget to use the links and discount code above for 20% off any purchases (NB: I don't receive any commission for purchases using this code, just sharing the love!)


dream pillow sleep master sleep mask juverest wrinkle pillow discount and giveawaythe sleepless family an experiment in better quality sleep

Sarah x 

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