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Tuesday 13 October 2020

Creating a work space with the BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp | Review

Having recently turned our spare bedroom into a home office, something we chose to do due to covid working restrictions and also with the launch of my shop ChildLedPlay.co.uk, one of the biggest issues was finding appropriate lighting solutions. I needed something that would allow for computer and screen work during the day and evening, alongside close up painting and craft work with true colour lighting.
benq wit e reading lamp review

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I was recently asked if I would like to try out the BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp, giving an honest review, which seemed like the perfect solution...

A little bit about the BenQ WiT e-Reading Lamp:

The BenQ table lamp is said to distribute even and sufficient light with high CRI/R9, which reveals colours faithfully. The e-reading mode further ensures minimal screen glare while using laptop. There is the ability to switch your mood easily from focus to relax by changing the colour temperature.

The BenQ WiT Lamp is aesthetic on the outside, technical on the inside, providing the ideal illumination that could light up your living  or work space area. It is a beautifully designed lamp that could be used to brighten up your living room (a floor lamp attachment is available as well as a desk clamp), a bedside lamp creating the cozy ambience for your bedtime reading, or the best reading lamp that evenly lights up every corner of your desk! Here are some features of WiT:

-Wider illumination: the unique curved light provides sufficient, evenly distributed illumination that could avoid flicker and screen glare, lighting up 1.5 times wider than a conventional lamp!

-Ambience light sensor: automatically detect ambience light and create the ideal, comforting illumination.

-Tailor-made: adjustable brightness and colour temperature, an illumination tailor made for you!

-Eco-friendly materials: embrace the environment using less than 6% plastics and over 90% recyclable metals, long lasting LED and aluminum alloy. 

- WiT’s built-in light sensor detects the level of ambient brightness and adjusts the light output accordingly to assure the greatest screen reading comfort. It lights up the entire screen with no distracting reflection or contrast glare.

 benq wit e-lamp


So, how did I find it?

In all honesty, this has been a bit of a game changer, particularly in relation to my previous lighting options! 

When working on craft items, painting or drawing I used to find the multi shadows from spotlights and desk lamps made it really tricky for me to focus on the details clearly. Similarly, when sorting through coloured felt balls or paints in our stock room/ office in the evening (once the children were asleep) it was difficult to see the true colours and tell the difference between shades. I used to have to use my phone torch to double check.

The BenQ WiT lamp has solved all of these issues as it shows true colours with the right level of brightness, and doesn't have the issue of distracting shadows when working close up.

I love that it has an 'eye care' mode, which automatically dims the brightness with one touch to make it easier on the eye when it is dark, and the ability to switch between warm tones a cool hues makes a nice change from a lamp that JUST has a brightness option. 

The colour of the cable matches the lamp colour, which is a nice touch, and plugs in separately to the socket which is helpful when feeding the cable down the back of a desk.

The head of the lamp works on a ball and socket joint for easy rotation and movement of the light, alongside the arm of the lamp which works on a hinge to move up and down. 

The base of the lamp is sturdy, but it is quite big for a desk - I think the additional desk clamp attachment would have possibly been a better option for my current set up, so that I had a little more extra space on my desk - but as a bedside lamp or a floor lamp this is perfect.

 benq wit e-lamp

Using the WiT lamp:

The lamp is SO simple to use. To turn it on you simply 'touch' the silver ring, and again to switch it off. The 'eye care' mode is activated by holding your finger on the metal ring for a couple of seconds and you can see that it is on this mode as a green light will appear. To turn off eye care mode, twist the dial on top.

To adjust the brightness, you turn the top dial. To adjust the temperature, simply push the dial like  button and it will switch to colour mode, and then turn the dial up or down. Press again to switch back to brightness mode. 

SO simple. 

You can purchase the BenQ WiT e-Reading lamp here (affiliate link):

More information is available over on their website here.

benq wit e-lamp

benq wit e-lamp

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