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Thursday 12 November 2020

Can wall art encourage creativity?

When we think about stimulating and encouraging creativity - most of us tap into various senses to help us find the right headspace and atmosphere to ‘create’. Depending on your primary sensory preference this could be a type of music, the right lighting, a warm open fire, or something visually stimulating such as fine art or framed prints.
wall art print of some sandstone rock caves and sunshine

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There is no doubt that having all of these elements working in harmony can help to create the perfect environment to BE creative, although certain conditions are temporary or require additional effort, having a permanent fixture such as a poster or wall art which will always be available to ‘tap into’ is an easy way to encourage creativity on a daily basis.

The key is in finding the right kind of wall art to stimulate your own personal creativity...
art print of a windmill and tornado scene

What is creativity and why is it important?

Although you may assume that creative people are those who are able to ‘create’ something artistic, such as a painting, a photograph or another form of art – creativity is much more than an ability to form a product through art. People who are creative are much more flexible with their thinking, having the ability to find new ways of doing things and problem solve when issues arise. By being open minded to changes, and new scenarios, those who foster their own creativity often have lots of new ideas and thoughts on how to move forward. This in itself can lead to high levels of motivation, and therefore confidence as you successfully pursue an unbeaten track, or offer ideas and solutions which others may not have considered. This display of capability raises self-esteem and self-belief which in turn can lead to higher levels of motivation and productivity.
Focusing on creative ways of thinking and creative activities uses much more areas of the brain – creating new networks which helps with mental clarity, and staying sharp and focused!

How can wall art help with creativity?

Imagine you’re sat at your desk and your faced with staring at a blank wall. Now imagine you’re sat there and you’re staring at an inspiring piece of wall art, a poster or a print…which one do you think it going to fire up more areas of your brain? Which one is going to give you a moment to relax and refocus whilst your subconscious works on the task at hand?

Similarly, when creating your own art, or even writing for example – will your mind wonder and imagine more with the help of some art prints to look at? Depending on your preferences, the kind of art that inspires you and the way in which it helps you will vary from person to person. Whilst a child may revel in an enchanted forest wall art in their playroom or bedroom – using it to act out role play scenarios or dream about adventures, an adult may interpret this type of print in a different way…which brings me onto my next point…

Which type of framed print should you choose?

wall print of a rope bridge leading to a forest

If we’re thinking about colours of art prints for creativity then one of the best colours to choose is a green template. This is because green is one of the easiest colours on the eyes and so not only reduces eye strain but it is also reported to reduce anxiety, creating more harmony and balance which can enhance your creative performance. Choosing a forest scene or an outdoor space as a poster or print therefore has all of the colour benefits, whilst also having the potential to stimulate the imagination depending on the scenery and location of the chosen image.

It may be that you are motivated by prints or posters of your idols – people you aspire to be like or footsteps you would love to follow. Perhaps you find images that evoke memories of places and situations you’ve been in in the past are a great way for your mind to travel back to its most creative and comfortable place – prints of natural wildlife, mountains you’ve climbed, or calm seas on the shore at dusk.
Whatever you find to be the most effective at helping your brain to find the right space and level of calm to create and be creative, there are so many options to choose from. Why not have a browse of a wall art website and see which type of prints you are most drawn to and how they affect your productivity and creativity? 

Sarah x

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