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Tuesday 28 November 2023

Christmas Playdough Mats | Free Download

There are so many benefits of playdough play, whether your children prefer lots of structure or to mix the colours of the playdough it is a great way to release inner creativity and to keep little ones (and big ones!) busy and entertained with an activity over the holiday season. These free christmas playdough mats are ready for you to download and laminate....

christmas playdough mats free download

These xmas playdough mats were originally a free download over on my shop to be used alongside my playdough. I am now posting them here for my blog readers to benefit from too. You can also find a home made playdough recipe here. 

Download free xmas playdough mats here

This PDF file can be printed at A4 size for each image, or multiple pages per sheet for smaller flashcard sizes.

To use these images as playdough mats, simply print, then laminate. If you do not have a laminator you can cover the image in tacky back plastic, sellotape, or put it inside a plastic wallet.

You can also use my hair straightener laminating hack here, if you don't have a laminator. 

Some prompts for these playdough mats:

  • Can you give Rudolph a squishy red nose?
  • Can you give Father Xmas a face?
  • Can you make a beak for the penguin?
  • Can you make some different coloured christmas lights?
  • Can you decorate the tree?
  • Can you give the gingerbread man some christmas clothes?

I'd love to see how you use these Christmas playdough mats - if you give them a try please tag me over on social media @arthurwears.

Sarah x 

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