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Monday 6 March 2023

EZ Shopper height adjustable desk | Review

If you read my earlier post on home office essentials for dealing with back pain, then you will know that an adjustable height, standing desk was on my wish list for when my small office room was finally complete!
EZ Desk Air from EZ shopper in a home office

Disclosure: gifted item

This was the last room in the house to be renovated (for this first phase of renovation!) and we were torn for a while about how best to use the space. We considered whether it should be a nursery room for Annabelle, a small playroom for the children, or an office for me (hubby has taken over my previous desk and office space for when he works at home and there definitely isn't room to share...especially when he has moved most of the tea/coffee mugs and lunch plates in there too...) If you follow me on social media you will know that Charlotte is very creative and is constantly making things - her new bedroom carpet was getting ruined SO...this room is half craft room, half office for me. On one end of the room we have a makeshift craft table for Charlotte (we are looking for a suitable permanent option) and the other end we now have an adjustable standing desk which I have been sent by EZ Shopper. The fact that the desk can be made lower is also a bonus for when I am 'crafting' alongside Charlotte too - so that she can reach when needed. In this blog post, I am going to show you more of this space, along with some additional information about the standing desk such as assembly and how it works... (youtube video available at the end of the post)


EZ Desk Air from EZ shopper with full size mouse mat and laptop on top

Assembly, demonstration and review of the EZ Shopper air desk

The desk we have is the EZ Desk Air, which is perfect for home workers and is an entry-level desk. EZ Shopper are launching a premium option for heavier-duty applications called the "Beast Desk", which is available on their website, but for us - this adjustable sit stand desk is exactly what we need and here is why:

Benefits of the EZ Desk Air: 

  • The EZ Desk Air has a generous height range of 74-119cm, and is suitable for users of up to 6′ 4″, or 193cm  ( I am 5ft 4")

  • The desk itself is 140cm x 60 cm with space for two monitors...or, if you're me, a laptop on one side and probably a Cricut machine on the other!

  • The desk has a commercial grade digital motor, with a certified lifting capacity of 80kg 

  • The digital control pad is simple to use, and allows precision setting for a perfect ergonomic setup with 2 memory positions or manual height adjustment.

  • The desk is made from a solid steel frame, under-desk headphone clip holder and cup holder, plus cable management points.

  • My desk also came with a full width mousepad (recommended) but there are also cable management options available or a padded standing desk mat for the ultimate in comfort.

  • EZ Shopper operations and customer support are fully UK based. In stock products are dispatched from a UK warehouse on a next working day service, 6 days a week. My desk was delivered by DPD the next working day. 

  • The desk came with all of the tools you need for assembly

  • The desk was extremely well packaged


EZ Desk Air from EZ shopper with BenQ witE pink desk lamp on top

Drawbacks of the EZ Desk Air:

  • The instructions were a little tricky to understand at first - parts being labelled to match the codes in the booklet would have helped

  • It is unclear whether the controls and cup holder could have been switched around, which would have been my preference if so

  • The join in the middle of the desk isn't ideal if you're planning on using the desk for art or craft work as it is noticeable - the full sized mousepad does help with this

Is the EZ Shopper sit stand desk worth it?

Without a doubt, yes! Having suffered from a bad back I know how important it is to be able to have the choice of standing or sitting whilst working at home. Staying in seated position for too long is not healthy, and this desk gives you the best of both worlds. Although the desk top being in two pieces is a slight drawback, this does enable compact packaging for shipping. I was surprised at how the courier was able to carry the package to our house by himself - this made me worry that the desk would be too lightweight and flimsy but it is super sturdy and feels like a really solid piece of kit. The controls are easy to manage and there are no unnecessary options to make this more complicate than it needs to be. This particular desk came with a white table top and black legs which fits in with most neutral decor options. 

Would you like to watch my video demonstration, assembly and review?

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