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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

DIY Sensory activity mat for babies

how to make a baby sensory activity mat

When Arthur was 5/6 months he started to become really interested in zips and labels - he'd fiddle and play with them at any opportunity. I decided to make him a sensory activity mat to help him with this exploratory phase - making sure to include lots of different textures for his little hands and fingers to pull on, scratch and feel.

The mat itself is a memory foam bath mat - lovely and squidgy to press!

The most important thing is to make sure that everything is totally secure - and even so, I still make sure that this activity is always supervised just in case.

Many of the beads were threaded on and secured with plastic laces as opposed to string or cotton which is easily frayed or snapped by tiny fingers or teeth!

The other items were sewn on securely using a needle and cotton.

Some of the items I have included on Arthur's mat are:

  • A zip with a 'squishy' fabric ball at the end, surrounded by sparkly beads
  • A hair doughnut wrapped in green net
  • Mini silicone spades (from a bucket and spade cupcake set)
  • Squishy fabric hearts (velvet, cotton and satin)
  • labels made from different patterned and textured ribbons
  • Buttons and bows (can be untied) with glitter thread
  • Micro-fibre duster
  • Flashing sensory ball
  • Beads on woven plastic laces ( to create 3D towers and bridges)
  • Hair curlers ( with large beads at the corners to create a 3D 'goal')
  • Velcro
  • Felt, satin and velcro shapes
  • Mesh ribbon with foil blanket underneath ( to make a crunchy sound)
And what did Arthur make of it?...

baby sensory activity

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