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Wednesday 24 May 2017

Summer Infant Panorama Digital Colour Video Monitor - Review

Why oh why did I not consider a video monitor before now??!! It's like rediscovering the joy of those newborn days where you just used to stare at them sleeping for hours on end - except this week I've been watching Arthur 'failing' to have a nap and literally howling on the inside at what he gets up to whilst trying not to give the game away!

Summer Infant Panorama Digital Colour Video Monitor review

I suppose I thought a video monitor might be too distracting, forcing me to keep watching and keeping me awake at night time...little did I know that the screen actually has a standby mode so it switches off automatically after a while leaving just audio behind (this is reactivated with the touch of a button). It's also much less distracting than straining to listen to the noises coming from an audio monitor and deciphering just what that crash/bang/other loud noise was before inevitably running back upstairs to check it out...not so easy when you are officially 'Mrs exhausted pregnant Mummy of a 2 year old"...

The Summer Infant Panorama Digital Colour Video Monitor has some great little features - I'm not going to take this info from their website, I'm going to list all the things that I have discovered myself about this product through using it:
  • Day and Night vision screen
  • Standby mode on the video output
  • Soft glow night light option in 2 colours: Blue/Red
  • Talk back button to speak to your child
  • Zoom button
  • Panoramic controls - 180 degrees left, 180 degrees right, up and down
  • Ability to wall mount the camera or have free standing
  • Ability to add additional cameras (4 max in total) for additional room viewing
  • On screen temperature
  • On Screen signal strength
  • On screen battery monitor
  • Easy touch volume control buttons
  • Volume lights for silent audio monitoring
  • Rechargeable batteries with adapters for each
You can see the Video Monitor in action, with a demonstration (and a few clips of Arthur failing to sleep) on my YouTube video review here:

As mentioned in the video, the soft glow red night light is a massive plus point for me - red light is one of the few colour lights that doesn't interfere with sleep hormones and so is the only colour light we use if we switch a nightlight on.

I love how easy this is to use and the quality of the video screen is brilliant! The only downside for me is that in battery mode the video screen doesn't always last ALL night for us - we have overcome the early morning warning beep by simply plugging it into the mains before we go to bed so that it is guaranteed to stay on all night. You can buy the Summer Infant Panorama Digital Colour Video Monitor direct from the Summer Infant website or via amazon (AL): 


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