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Sunday 26 November 2017

Xmas Day learning fun with Dom and Geri personalised wrapping paper

Not one to shy away from a learning opportunity on any day of the year (hey, learning should be fun so this isn't as 'scrooge' as it sounds!) I've found the perfect product for your gifts this Christmas!

Dom and Geri personalised wrapping paper flatlay with xmas decorations

Dom and Geri have a fantastic range of personalised wrapping paper, banners, cards and gifts available, so I decided to try out their Christmas wrapping paper for Arthur and Charlotte....it took me forever to choose a design as there was so much choice, but I settled on this star wrap for Charlotte and a snow globe wrap for Arthur....

Dom and Geri personalised wrapping paper close up

...But how does this help my children to learn I hear you ask??

Well, by having your child's face AND name on the wrapping paper you are helping them with the following:

  1. Sorting, grouping and classifying objects - can your child find and sort all of their gifts, or someone else's gifts by recognising the face and/or name?
  2. Attention to detail - Can you child inspect and recognise their own and other's based on their photo? This would be even more challenging if each gift had the same design but with a different face.
  3. Observation and communication - can you child talk about what they have found, what they can see?
  4. Name recognition - by having their name alongside their face it helps them to recognise and remember what their own name looks like in written form
Usually on Christmas Day, it is the adults, or older children, who select and hand out the gifts from under the tree by reading the label. Imagine how much more exciting this will be if your younger child is given the responsibility to select gifts independently and work out for themselves who each one belongs to!

Not to mention it is always just a little bit more exciting to see your own face printed onto something like wrapping paper...

Dom and Geri wrapping paper

The wrapping paper itself is really good quality, and came packaged within a long cardboard box, wrapped in bubblewrap:

Dom and Geri packaging

The DPD courier also reliably informed me that the company are actually in the next town/village along to me and he had just collected this parcel from them himself and drove it over to my house...and I LOVE to support local wherever possible, and here I am doing it without prior realisation!!

Do you have any other good ideas for this personalised wrapping paper?? 

I do hope they don't rip it too much when they open their presents!!

Sarah x 

NB: This is a collaborative post 

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