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Monday, 30 August 2021

First Day of School Poem

First day of school poem starting school

A Poem for your First Day of School ...

starting school poem first day of school

starting school poem first day of school

starting school poem first day of school

starting school poem first day of school

starting school poem first day of school

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It's here. Now’s the time. I tell myself I’ll be fine
Its your first day of school, a new book, a new line

But one day you were here every day of the week,

playing with toys, reading books, hide and seek

Now those little legs skip on the pavement to class, as your hand fits in mine - but I hold it like glass...

You see, you’re as precious as the day you were born - even though you’re so big now, my heart still feels torn.

Where do the rolls go, when your limbs become long?
Once you were squidgy and now you are strong
You used to fit perfectly tucked into my lap
And I’d watch your eyes flutter as you’d drift off for a nap

Where does the time go, from those moments we steal?
I look back at them now and they still feel so real...
Tucking you into your sling, your car seat, your pram,
The first squeeze of your hand right back where it began...
With fingers so fragile, so tiny and small
As I hold your hand now I remember it all...

I don’t know how to be, when I wave you goodbye - I know that I’ll smile
(at least on the outside)
But what if you miss us, and you want to come home...
what if you sit in the playground alone...

I know you’ll be fine and I know you’ll be brave
And you’ll run on inside as I’ll stand and I’ll wave

You’ll make lots of new friends, you’ll have new games to play
And you’ll answer with “fine” when I ask “how was your day?”

And you’ll relish the challenge
Learn lots of new things
But I’ll notice your absence and the silence it brings

at the end of the day when the school day is done
We’ll make up for the time and continue the fun
I’ll sort out the snacks, treasure your little voice:
“Mummy, how does the sun shine, does the world get a choice?”

And I’ll answer your questions but there’s one thing I don’t know:
How did you get so big?
Where did the time go?

Sarah x

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