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Wednesday 8 September 2021

September 2021 - update

It's a new academic year and lots has happened in the last couple of months! There have been some highs and some lows...

From buying/selling houses, to illnesses, birthdays and new school starters we have crammed quite a few emotions into the last few week...

My wonderful Nanna:

First of all, I cannot tell you how relieved I am that this section of my blog post will be written in the present tense, as there were a good few days when we genuinely thought we were about to lose her. My Nanna is almost 92 years old, she is THE kindest, most thoughtful person you could ever wish to meet and I feel so lucky to have had such an amazing role model growing up. Of course, as is usually the case with the nicest people who walk this earth, they don't like to burden others with their ailments and usually take the positive and hopeful stance of 'everything will be okay'...except everything wasn't okay. I wont go into private details, but my Nanna ended up being rushed into A&E and after a few hours it was discovered that on top of her illness, she also had covid. She was placed on a respiratory ward  with no visitors allowed. Naturally, she was very poorly, and obviously finding out that she had covid (despite incredibly careful measures to keep her safe these last 18 months) we worried that she wouldn't pull through. Thankfully, the vaccine did its job and her case of covid was mild, but she was still very poorly otherwise and probably will be incredibly frail for some time. 

We are hoping and praying that she returns to good health and is able to go home soon. 

Selling our house and buying a new one:

Back in July we finally had an offer accepted on a house (not sure if you know but the housing market is crazy at the moment!) - it went to sealed bids, and although we went £24k over the asking price we weren't the highest bid! We had written a supporting letter with our bid however, and our offer was accepted! Hurrah! The house is a 1970's house and although we were aware that is would need some cosmetic work to bring it up to date, we were not prepared for the sheer amount of work that would come back on the survey...plus a complete rewire and new plumbing throughout to make it safe and within modern safety standards. The work totals over £80k with £43k worth of that being immediate health and safety issues that we would need to remedy straight away. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this post the vendors were not able to negotiate to offer a discount that would cover even just the plumbing let alone the rest of the work so we are now waiting to see if our counter offer is accepted or not....please keep your fingers crossed for us! 

Femme Luxe jumpsuits:

Disclosure: Paid Partnership with Femme Luxe

If you've seen my previous posts you will know that I have tried a few items from femme luxe such as grey loungewear, co-ord sets and even a bodycon midi dress. This month, they have sent me a couple of festival outfits to try in the style of a jumpsuit! 

I was sent a red and a mustard coloured jumpsuit, both in a size 12. The legs are quite long on these so with me being only 5ft 4" i did have to team these with a pair of high heeled wedges for height. The style is one shouldered so a strapless bar is a must with these. They were easy to slip on and pull up with no fastens (easier for the loo!) with the material having a bit of a stretch to it. 

I much preferred the red jumpsuit - I felt the fit was better and the colour was more forgiving than the mustard, which didn't look as good with my paler skin. 

What do you think?

femme luxe red jumpsuit

femme luxe mustard jumpsuit

Starting School

If you've seen my recent repost of my poem for the first day of school  then you will know that my youngest, Charlotte, started Reception this month! She only turned 4 in the middle of August so she still feels SO young and I can't quite believe she is in Primary School already...but...she was so excited to start and skipped along to her first day so happily and came home with a big smile on her face. 

If you are starting to look at primary schools for next year, I have a really useful blog post all about the questions to ask when choosing a primary school here

New ChildLedPlay.co.uk product Launches: 

I've been super busy over in the shop getting some seasonal items ready! Xmas sets are well under way and last night I launched my halloween kit which sold out in less than an hour!! I have decided to bring out a midi and a mini kit version of this set soon, so if you're interests pop over and sign up to the mailing lit to hear when they go live: Gluten Free Playdough sets

childledplay.co.uk halloween potion kit

Hopefully by the time I give you my next update, we will know whether we are moving house or not!

Sarah x

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